[People Profile] All We Know About Anthony Vargas biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Anthony Vargas biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Anthony Vargas is one of the younger generation of Tiktokers who have taken the content creation platform to the forefront. Just 22, Anthony gained popularity and fame on different platforms, including TikTok, Instagram, and most notably on YouTube.

Anthony Vargas

Anthony Vargas is mostly known for his video pranks video challenge and other funny and short content on all platforms. The creator of content is popular for his vlogs were uploaded to YouTube’s channel A&B Things. The channel is a cooperative project, which has his partner Bella as his co-host in a majority of his videos.

Personal Information

Profiling Anthony Vargas

A Quick Glance At Anthony Vargas
Full NamesAnthony Vargas
Place of birth USA
Date Of Birth16th March 2000
State of OriginAmerican
ProfessionTikToker and content creator
Followers 6.9 M followers
Instagram 359k followers
RelationshipBella Retamosa
Net Worth$1million


Anthony Vargas initially began his career as an TikTok celebrity, posting regularly content to his Tiktok account, @imanthonyvargas. Anthony was adept at connecting to his followers and fans through his prank videos, humorous sketches and dance videos, as well as challenge or challenge videos, lip-sync videos and so on. Through this, he has gained many followers on his account.

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Then, Anthony Vargas shifted gears and created his YouTube channel together with his friend on the 8th November 2015 under the title “Q&A”. The first video he uploaded to his channel read “WELCOME TO OUR CHANNEL Q&A.” Since then, the creator has been a constant working on his project, releasing diverse hilarious content to entertain viewers. Presently one of the most seen content on his channel “BEING MEAN TO BELLA *LIL SISTERS REACTION*”, with greater than 2.9 million views on its title.

Net Worth

Anthony Vargas is one of the new content creators to emerge in Tiktok as well as YouTube and has performed remarkable feats to date in his field of expertise. With a large number of followers and subscribers on his social media accounts, including Instagram, Tiktok and YouTube We can anticipate the creator of content to earn an amount of money for his sponsorship. According to celebslifereels.com, Anthony Vargas’ net worth varies between $700,000-$800,000 at the time of 2022.

Anthony Vargas

Other Social Media Presence

Tiktok is among the major factors that determine how the creator of content makes his name known through social media. In this regard, Anthony Vargas got into an Instagram and YouTube channel, too.


This is one of Anthony’s primary attractions, where he regularly uploads video games or pranks. The creator is also able to get a lot of viewers for his lip-sync videos and short reels on the social media platform. With his videos and posts on his Instagram account, Anthony Vargas has managed to build a fan base of 359,000 according to celebslifereels.com.


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In the beginning of with his channel on YouTube Q&A in the year 2015. Anthony Vargas took his video creation to a new level. Through his channel on YouTube, he created with his partner Bella she was a part of, he posted videos often. His online content included YouTube small videos, prank videos dance challenges, and vlogs. One video that was extremely popular on his channel was entitled “BEING MEAN TO BELLA *LIL SISTERS REACTION*”, which was followed by “HAVING MY LIL SISTER BE MEAN TO BELLA,” and finally, their announcement of pregnancy in the video channel.

Personal Life

Born on the 16th of March, in 2000 Anthony Vargas was born to an ethnically diverse family. The creator of the content is extremely private about his private life He has managed to keep his friends out of the search results on the internet, but it is believed there is a sibling with the name Lexi and a brother named Manuel. In terms of his educational and background Anthony was never mentioned about his education and academic qualifications on the internet, but it is believed that he’s completed his high school education by the moment.

Being a charming man it’s just natural for people who follow him on social media as well as online looking into his life in love and the relationships. Although the 22-year old has not yet married, Anthony does have a partner with whom he has established an extended family. Him along with the girl he is with Bella have welcomed a new baby, a newborn boy named Noah on the 29th of June 2021. They are a happy family of three, Bella and Anthony work on their YouTube channel dubbed Q&A as well as have been featured in almost each video from the beginning in the beginning of their channel.

Anthony Vargas

Anthony Vargas’s most popular TikTok videos


Here’s a cute video of a couple online, where we can see Anthony and Bella doing the well-known Zootopia photo collage.

This is a video from the POV between the couple, where we see the height difference is between the two as they hug.

Here’s a clip of Anthony being utterly sweet and loving towards his child Noah. The video was viewed by 57.7k fans and 236k viewers.

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Here’s a prank clip where we can watch Anthony smashing the cake in a rush to get his girlfriend off of him Bella.

This is a family-friendly video by the couple, where we see the whole family, Anthony, Bella and Noah and placing their palm prints across the canvas.


Q. What is the name of Anthony’s cousin?

A. As of right now, Anthony has not yet disclosed the existence of family members. We know for certain that the creator of the content has an older sister Lexi and a brother Manuel.

Q. Is Anthony Vargas stream on Twitch?

A. At present, Anthony Vargas has gone massive in YouTube and uploads videos regularly to entertain his followers on the web.

Q. Which is Anthony Vargas’ mother’s name?

A. Being one of the most searched for stars on TikTok Fans are eager to learn everything they can about to Anthony Vargas. To our delight, Vargas has managed to keep his mother’s name secret on the platform.

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