2023 Election: Tinubu Tell Osibanjo To Leave Lagos, Go Back To Ogun State

2023 Election: Tinubu Tell Osibanjo To Leave Lagos, Go Back To Ogun State

Director-General of Ondo State Network for Bola Tinubu. In Mr. Tolu Babaleye this discussion, Babaleye says Vice President Yemi Osinbajo has dared his future associate with his presidential dream, stating he lacks an electoral bargain in Lagos.


I am not familiar that the ties are broken. I don’t consider Tinubu unhappy with what Osinbajo did but multiple of his followers are. Ambition is a very difficult thing and there is no way you can stop a man with a dream. The Vice President has his purpose and feels he can dare anyone including his future helper and most elevated promoter.

It was Tinubu who even urged him to migrate his PVC to Ogun. Nothing will stop anyone from declaring to challenge an election. If Osinbajo succeeds in the primary, he will still require Tinubu to fly.
Individuals shouldn’t create excessive pressure and enmity that may be hard to settle. The truth is that Osinbajo has no electoral matter in Lagos. United is the result of the last election from the unit where Osinbajo voted in Lagos.

Migrating to Ogun is a political analysis to get better outcomes and not because anyone will stop him from exerting his constitutional right.
This is the development of Osinbajo’s crew in the 2019 presidential vote: Vice President Yemi Osinbajo (VP) Polling Unit Code 33, Unit 2 Victoria Garden City, Lagos: Presidential: APC – Rep: APC -190, 229, PDP – 425; senatorial: APC – 261, PDP – 414, PDP -268

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