The Reason Federal Government Ban Basketball From International Tournaments

The Reason Federal Government Ban Basketball From International Tournaments

Because of the endless trouble taking over the administration of the Nigeria Basketball Federation (NBBF), the Federal Government is preparing to put up an Acting Management Committee (IMC) to handle the surveillance and evolution of the domestic leagues as well as take care of Endless issues
surrounding the evolution and promotion of the sport in the nation.


This became and unbearable with critical following the determination by the Federal government and President president Buhari to withdraw the nation from any international tournaments for two years over the lingering crisis bedeviling the leadership of the sport.

The problem of leadership in The Nigerian Basketball Federation (NBBF) didn’t just satrt today, it has been in a leadership crisis since 2017 which caught the emergence of Musa Kida as NBBF President but the 2021 election of the new NBBF delegation saw the two parallel elections held in Abuja and Benin respectively with Kida getting re-elected in Benin while Mark Igoche appearing as president from the Abuja vote.

From the right report, Since the 2021 poll that had two NBBF Presidents, harmony has not been in eye, from one problem to others, and yesterday in a report signed by the Permanent Secretary,
Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports Development Ismaila Abubakar, the government demanded the withdrawal of the country from global challengers for two years.
“Following the endless crisis that has haunted and almost incapacitated the growth of basketball in Nigeria, President General Muhammadu Buhari has authorized the withdrawal of Nigeria from all international basketball competitions for two years with immediate effect, the president of federal republic of Nigeria, President General Muhammadu Buhari said the only way to resolve this is to withdraw them from any international tournament, until they are ready to work peacefully,

To restore peace, we have take action now before it’s too late, we are bigger than this and the best decision is self discipline and if you have that, they won’t be a good leadership in you, said the Ismaila Abubakar,

The federal Government stated that the withdrawal of Nigeria is to consolidate actions by the government towards rebuilding the sport from the grassroots as well as domestic clubs which have become dying wood this action will help rebuild our nation sports also,” stated by Ismaila Abubakar.

The government plans to use the suspension to manage controversial issues among stakeholders while the arrangement and duration of connection of the IMC would be made available soon.

A lot has been going on and it’s time to let some people know that serving a nation or being a leader is all about what you only want but what you can do for the organization, and without cooperation, no organization with grow, leadership is for the people not an individual assignment but organization assignment,

The Government will make sure before the end of the suspension, they must be a change, that’s the goal of the ban, we must put things in place for the betterment of the sport, not only in basketball but in also other related sport activities, said Ismaila Abubakar.

The government, nevertheless, demonstrated devotion to the development of the sport while encouraging players, officeholders, fans, and stakeholders of the sport to stay subdued as actions are on to move, maintain and stabilize the game of basketball in the nation.
and that won’t affect anything just to make the basketball business, reputation in the nation well played .

we have the best team in the continent but our management is not helping with the crisis on the board, this can also affect both the player’s mentality and fans’ trust, i have this new development will help.


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