APC, PDP Form Fees Will Encourage Elected Officials To Loot: Ex Governor

APC, PDP Form Fees Will Encourage Elected Officials To Loot: Ex Governor


The ex Governor Rasheed Ladoja of Oyo has decried the exorbitant fees charged for nomination forms by the two major political parties in the country, saying it would encourage corruption.

The EXgovernor disclosed this on Monday while fielding inquiries from reporters at his home in Ibadan Oyo state.

Mr. Ladoja, the Osi-Olubadan of Ibadan, merged with other Muslims to heed the Eid prayers at the University of Ibadan Central Mosque at Ibadan Oyo state Nigeria.


Mr. Ladoja said that the high cost of the nomination form assessed by the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) and Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), would hurt the nation.

Mr. Ladoj said that the power of the two political parties would force politicians to embezzle public funds, stating its options should be selected founded on their manifesto and not money.

Mr. Ladoja criticized claims by the parties that the outrageous fee would separate contenders from pretenders who they believe they are supporting, saying they are just promoting their candidates to go loot public funds when elected into their office.
it’s true because everyone wants to cover all the money they use for the election,
knowing fully well that that’s what is going to happen,

It is very silly to ask a presidential candidate to pick a nomination form for N100 million and a governorship nomination form for N50 million. This is pure arrogance from the political parties.

“You are asking a presidential candidate to pursue a job of N56 million with a form of N100 million who does that?. Same thing with the governorship. You are requesting an aspirant to pay N50 million to seek a job of N28 million in four years,” Mr. Ladoja said.

The ex-governor Mr. Ladoja said that the conceit of the two parties would drop if other parties win elections in some states because The result won’t come out well.

“Other political parties charge less than APC and PDP because they think everything must be money and they have it no law will be against them when they are being elected the money for every project that comes their way is person money to cover up all the lo. If other parties can also win elections in some states, the arrogance of the two major political parties will drop.

“These political parties should understand that they are not the masters we all are equal and one is above anyone in this type of situation, but the individuals. They are just stampeding someone believing that they would vote for them either they like or not, it doesn’t operate like that looting public funds is what they are encouraging which will have a bad effect on the country’s economy,” he said.

2023 won’t be like other past years, The nation and the youths have wised up and you can’t buy their support no Matter how you try, people want good Government not looting to impress old set of people that are their now trying to get everything with huge money, the question is, what do you expect them to do if they lose the election, offcuse we know many of will have to join the moving train just to make their money back and that is going to cost lives and properties,
He added i believe very soon they will change but if they don’t the economy will continue to stumble just because nobody is ready to work all they do is to get in there and go home with huge money like they can go home with

Mr. Ladoja advised political parties to imbibe the lessons of Ramadan in their actions as political movements started in the country ahead of 2023.


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