Lagos state is not new to discovering or being the habitat for great talents in the entertainment industry. One of those being Hussien; a raw talent brewing with determination and zeal to let his light shine across and reach out to many who will soon be blessed with something different. The Hussien sound.


Base in the suburbs of Ikorodu, Hussien has been an underground art, making appearances in a couple features and surprisingly yet to officially record his debut. You know there is talent involved if you are sorted out even without your own single out there.

A closer look at the Yoruba inclined act, we discovered that his reservation behind the scene is something of a rather technical nature as we have come to discover that Hussien is a perfectionist and is never in a rush to dish out something that will be considered below per to his fans and new ones at that.

His plans?

Hussien has revealed that starting this year, he will kick of with dishing out scintillating tracks with production nothing short of top notch because he plans to come and dominate from behind when no one is suspecting.

We were also made to understand that he is working with a team, as you know everyone needs a team for branding, packaging, production and even down to the visuals. He is not here to play and we can candidly send you here that Hussien is a threat and obviously something you would want to really watch out for.

To prove it further, we have a track which he has featured on and obviously done damage to. Check below to listen to the track on audiomack.


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