So, Girls are Polygamous!

So, Girls are Polygamous!

​So finally women are now boldly admitting their polygamous nature and are begging men to understand… I thought it was a joke when I saw it for the first time yesterday… :v

And I kept seeing it.

These beings are capable of loving more than one guy at once. I swear I never believed it.

This just reveals a lot…

I can’t help but reminisce what I and my friends had gone through in the past in the hands of pretentious ladies.

No seriously, it is annoying. These girls are so good at pretense and being discreet about it.

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I am naturally not the type to blame people when they exhibit a typical human nature. E.g, being self centered, taking your things without telling you, trying to sleep with your gf….etc… It is only morals that keep us in line…that’s just human.

But the kind of guilt ladies makes you feel when “they make you think” you hurt them, is the most psycho thing in life.

I mean, if you’re capable of admiring another guy while in a relationship, missing another guy, even wanting to reach out to him with your popular…” I just want us close, no intimacy please” bullshit., then quit the overreactions.

Guys don’t lie about this..have you observed how you discover some weird things about your girl after a break up? And you start to wonder how you never knew? Or start to see reasons about how she started acting up at a point? Etc

The things I discovered in recent times is quite shocking even with my nature of not being shocked at human natural selfish acts.

My point is, why act like you gonna die when you see a harmless romantic chat between your guy and another girl when we can compare what you’re up to with that


Indeed, we humans do not like it when we are been done what we do unto others.

If girls can become reasonable, the world would really be a better place.

I have a girl (Whos now changed) 🙂 who told me she got into a harmless distance relationship while she was with her ex., so whenever she got issues with her ex, she wouldn’t be lonely at that time.

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Another ex once told me “Godwin, I suspect you’re having something with this particular girl that I am close with, you know I’d NEVER have anything thing with someone close to you”………….but this one today is secretly going to the movies with a junior brother of mine.

You start to ask yourself, what was all those holier than thou attitude about?


The better we all understand that…this is how we are, the better it is for especially guys like me….who actually live in guilt thinking I hurt an innocent being.

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