Educate Yourself on Depression and Stay Alive

Educate Yourself on Depression and Stay Alive.


Just to educate my family and friends reading this.
There are two kinds of Depression. Clinical Depression and Situational Depression.


Clinical Depression

Clinical Depression also known as Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) is pretty rare. It results from an extreme shortage or lack of ‘Serotonin’ and ‘Endorphin’ the natural “feel good” chemicals inside our brains that help us to feel good enough to want to stay alive. People suffering from Clinical depression would still feel extremely depressed even if they have trillions of naira and all the love and good things of life.

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Situational Depression

The second kind is Situational Depression is caused by extreme stress and worry triggered by unfavorable life situations being experienced by the victim. Such situations may include loss of job or business, lack of money, lack of love or betrayal by a loved one (heartbreak), a painful disease, examination failure, lack of sex, malnutrition, obesity (or body dissatisfaction), homelessness, drug addiction/withdrawal, bitter divorce, bereavement (death of a loved one), physical or emotional abuse, etc. Situational depression is what most Nigerians are suffering today.

Both Clinical and Situational Depression are equally severe and horrible and potentially fatal (could end in suicide). Sadness is only a symptom of Depression just as fever is to malaria.


Clinical Depression is treated using Serotonin Reuptake Treatment (SRT). injecting the sufferer with Serotonin (the feel-good hormone) and administering antidepressants.

Situational depression is treated by counseling, and also the use of antidepressants, like Xanax, Valium, Tramadol, Librium, etc. However, antidepressants can be easily addictive and the sufferer may have to depend on them permanently.

Lowering Carbohydrates and eating more proteins and vegetables can also help.

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NB: Clinical depression is sometimes hereditary. For instance, Whitney Houston committed suicide (most people don’t know this) and her daughter, Christina who inherited her mum’s clinical depression also committed suicide too). The legendary writer Earnest Hemingway. His father committed suicide, he committed suicide, his son committed suicide and his grandson committed suicide too. It is after studying his family’s endless suicides that scientists discovered there is clinical depression (MDD) ravaging the family and other members of the family were rendered treatment.


by Nelson Saliu

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