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Singer Wizkid Performs As A Topic Studying In the USA Universities

Singer Wizkid Performs As A Topic Studying In the USA Universities


Wizkid is an an-award-winning Nigerian musician who is understood internationally however to serve as a subject study during a class course impacts on a different tier.

Wizkid evolved a subject of dialogue in an American university during a class. Wizkid’ Essence, which features Tems, stood launched in class in a tape that has earned traction.

According to the information, the professor selected to lecture to his students regarding the musical artist’s musical voyage.

With bated drag, the students were spotted observing the music videotape while the educator stood in the semblance of the lesson.

Twitter On Fire For The Superstar 

MD fanpage 
This is from a class called wizkid 201 in Ohio, did my research and I heard they actually study wizkid as a course. Wow

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Won like Wizkid gan…won tun se course nipa wizkid Won maa n lo over 6 haaaarhs lati fi study wizkid

Twitter NG disrespects Jada, Wizkid’s manager so much and it’s so irritating. What’s your business if she tweets like a fan? It’s not her business your favorites managers ain’t fans of your favorites. The most annoying part is those female Wizkid fans that attack her just because
look at this idiot trying to add little insults like I won’t notice. you’re fucking dumb aswr, see the reason why essence is flying is because it’s wizkid…no one gives a shit about jb on that remix. na my back up be this btw, I fit mud u wella for here.


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Baba easy on us , ur news is even stale . It’s not a course , but for today’s topic on the course . I’m an FC for life, a music lover and not a toxic fan. I love every individual artist making Naija proud

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Na only 2 people dey d class. If them study obo for university even your favorite go attend d class.
Trust Jon
I will c*mm*t su*c*de if anyone does not connect my message to Davido or Wizkid to come sign me into their music label. Google me Trust Jon singer of the song coming back. Google me and you will see me that I am serious in this music. I just need a help to do more song.

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I prefer to be rich like davido than winning a Grammy, one main purpose in life is to be rich, take your Grammy and let me be rich forever, I love davido and wizkid as far as they are Black’s and also Nigerians I love them both, I can’t hate any of them for no reason

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