Scots Offering to Care for Kids of Chinyere Ogudoro, Torched to Death by Husband

Scots Offering to Care for Kids of Chinyere Ogudoro, Torched to Death by Husband

Scots Offering to Care for Kids of Chinyere Ogudoro, Torched to Death by Husband

Chinyere Ogudoro and her brother Ifeanyi Edoziem sustained fatal injuries in an incident that was allegedly committed at her house after she traveled from Scotland to Nigeria after a trip to Scotland.

The family of the Nigerian woman died following a rumor that she was burned by her husband who was estranged from her. Scots are offering to provide care for the four children of her.

Chinyere Ogudoro traveled to Scotland with her kids in the year 2004 to attend classes at Glasgow Caledonian University and graduated with an advanced master’s degree in international business management.

Returning to her home country the 46-year-old along with her brother, Ifeanyi Edoziem, suffered tragic injuries in an incident that was allegedly triggered in the relatives’ house in Lagos.

His husband Benjamin Ogudoro, 50, is wanted under suspicion of murder. He’s accused of having the wife of his ex-wife and brother-in-law on fire while they lay in bed.

The cousin of the siblings, Stanley Ike, has informed news agencies that Chinyere’s four children – aged 18 13 and 16, and 8 are still in Scotland.

The children who are looked after through a relative who lives in the UK are being flooded with requests for help to look after the children living in Scotland.

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The 41-year-old said: “The kids are in Scotland and an aunt cares for them. They’ve had many help requests from friends and family members to take care of the kids following their mom’s tragic loss.

“We do not want our children to go to Nigeria to be a threat to their own safety. We do not know what sins are there.

“We want to keep them in the UK, it’s better for them. The siblings need to be together and we won’t let them be separated.”

Chinyere returned back to Nigeria on the last day of Thursday and later died at the site of the incident that occurred in the early morning hours of Friday.

Her brother Ifeanyi who is married to a woman pregnant with their third child eventually passed away in a hospital.

Husband Arrested on Suspicion of Murder

But prior to his death, the doctor was able to make an official death declaration to the police and claim that his brother-in-law was the culprit.

Ifeanyi claimed that Mr. Ogudoro had poured gasoline on the children prior to lighting matches.

He was able to escape the burning home, but he was unable to save his sister.

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Stanley says that Mr. Ogudoro was abusive towards his spouse in the past. He says that the family is suffering from a “nightmare”.

In an empathetic tribute to Chinyere who was his mother in Nigeria The father of four said: “She was everything, she was a big sister, she was a good friend and hardworking. She was someone you admire if you’re looking to be a success.

“Throughout our childhood, she was there for all of us.

“If you called her, she would give her your heart and help in any way she could. Everybody that knew her in Scotland, the friends she met there, are all in tears.”

He said that the children’s mother, who is devastated, is trying to accept the tragedy of their deaths.

He stated: “Chinyere’s mum doesn’t know why she’s living when her first daughter and first son are gone. It’s just heartbreaking.”

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