[People Profile] All We Know About Zazu Portable Biography, Networth, Girlfriend, Career, Scandals

All We Know About Zazu Portable Biography, Networth, Girlfriend, Career, Scandals.

Portable Omolalomi aka son of Shaku Shaku, aka Street Problem, aka Wahala Musician

Habeeb Okokiola, popularly referred to as Portable has revealed the reason why he dropped out of school.

Have you heard of the cult word Zazu Zeh? The slang Zazu Zeh that is trending was created in Nigeria by one of the country’s rising performers. This is not a different young singer called Portable Zazuu.

Profiling Portable Zazu

A Quick Glance At Portable Zazu
Full NamesHabeeb Okokiola
Nationality Nigerian
Year Of Birth12th of March, 1994
State of OriginOgun State
ParentsMr. and Mrs. Okikiola
Marital StatusSingle

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Okikiola, Portable Zazu was born into his Yoruba people. He is from Ogun state in Nigeria and was raised in the context of a Muslim background. Along with the rest of his family, Portable Zazu’s parents raised him. The day he was born was the 12th of March, 1994.

Portable Zazuu Career

Growing up in a Yoruba context, Portable Zazu became proficient in the Yorubian language which is obvious in the music that he sings. When he was in school, he began to be fascinated by the rap music of famous rappers from around the world. He was often listening to rap tracks from American artists like Dr. Dre, Tupac Shakur the notorious B.I.G as well as Snoop Dogg, etc. This is where his love for music began. He would often write rap songs from his personal collection.

Portable Zazu decided to pursue a career in Yoruba Rap music after he started listening to music from Nigeria’s most popular rappers, including Lord Of Ajasa, Dagrin, Danny Young, Olamide, QDot, CDQ, etc.

After moving from his hometown, Portable Zazu relocated to Lagos to further promote his work in music. He’s tried to make a few songs, but none of them were able to be recognized. The biggest break for him in the music industry came after he got introduced to the most popular Nigerian singer, Olamide by Poco Lee. In his quest to make his mark within the Nigerian music industry He was working in a 9-5 work. But, he never gave up his determination to break through into Yoruba hip-hop.

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He released a hit song in the year 2000 titled Zazu Zeh in which he teamed up with Olamide as well as Poco Lee. The word “Zazu” is an eminent female name that is of Hebrew origin that means “Movement.’

Portable Zazuu lives in an apartment located in Lekki, Ajah, Lagos State. The details of the home aren’t yet available. We believe that it’s all shades of grandeur and awesomeness.

Portable Zazuu Net Worth

Portable Zazu has an estimated net worth of $210,000-$300,000 (105,000,000 NGN to 150,000,000).

Portable Zazu Cars

With his net worth in mind, Portable Zazuu is able to purchase great cars that are worthy of appreciation.

He posted the news via his Instagram page today afternoon. He shared a picture of himself in his car and added the following message:

“OKIKIOLA God Sent ZAzuu More Keys More Fame More Cash Out Oro Mi Bizza Bizza Na God Dey Run Am Another Motor Abeg no spoil my car oh ZAzuu Motor CEO Dr. ZEH Nation”


It is thought it is believed that Portable Zazu is not married However, he is engaged. The actor has kept his relationship with his gorgeous babe secret. He admitted to being a father of two sons in his interview on Jahbless Original Intelligence.

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Portable The singer, who was the hottest thing in the world in December, has revealed that he quit school to concentrate on his career in music since it is a lucrative business.

Excerpt Portable’s Interview

He recently had an interview with Jahbless on his podcast, Jahbless Original Intelligence, where he said that he knew right from the start how much wealth music could give him so he faced it full time.
The controversial artist said, “Music brings money and is a fast money-making machine.
“If you sing you must have money unless you’re not good at it, if you’re a musician, you must be rich. I observed that I make a lot of money whenever I sing.”
The Zazu singer in addition said that before his fame in December, he met some people who killed his career with ‘over-packaging’.

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“You know if they don wicked you severally. So I brought the whole craziness into the music industry.
“Even if you want to do business with someone who rips you off, make sure you let them know that you are aware of the kind of person they are you still want to do business but they should also be mindful that you are not weak,” he said.

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