[People Profile] All We Know About Organik, Biography, Networth, Career, Scandal

Organik, Biography, Networth, Career, Scandal

Organik Biography - Glamcodemedia

Travis Fleetwood was born on November 20, 1988. He is popularly referred to as Organik and is the co-founder and co-owner of King of the Dot, an organization that focuses on battle rap within Toronto, Ontario, where the current location of his residence is. Organik created King of the Dot in 2008. As the CEO, founder, and host for King of the Dot, it has been acknowledged as the leader in the development of battle rap talent. He specializes in finding local talent within various battle teams.


Profiling Organik

A Quick Glance At Organik
Full NamesTravis Fleetwood
Nationality Canada
Date Of BirthNovember 20, 1988
ProfessionMovie Director, Rapper
LabelsKing of The Dot
MoviesBodied, Detention, Ultimate Mc
Height5 ft 5 in (1.66 m)

Organik Battle Rap History

Organik has been the winner of numerous battle-rap competitions, such as the BET’s 2006 as well as 2008 “Canadian Spring Bling” and “Battle Of The Headz”. He has been a three-time winner of the ChangePromotion’s Battle King Events and also was the winner of Toronto’s “Proud2BEhBattleMC” event three times.

In 2011 Organik was an official Judge for The Ultimate MC TV show alongside Royce da 5’9″, Sean Price, Planet Asia along with Pharoahe Monch.

On the 5th of November 2011, he hosted an event that was a battle called “Flatline” between battle rappers Dizaster and DNA. Organik co-hosted the event alongside Canadian hip-hop artist Drake who offered each battler $750 for participating. The event was adorned with his signature OVO Owl as part of the branding of the event and the collaboration between KOTD and Drake.

He worked as a steelworker for eight years, before quitting in 2014 to manage the league full-time.

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King of The Dot Battle Rap League

King of the Dot, currently one of the most famous battle rap leagues, was founded in 2008 on a patch of asphalt between Yonge and Shuter within the downtown area of Toronto. An attempt to host the event at Yonge-Dundas Plaza resulted in immediate expulsion from the site security. From there, it was staged at Alexandra Park, then back to downtown until crowds continued to grow larger and it was no longer possible to hold the contest in the open.

The very first KOTD event had six competitors with an audience of approximately 30. The decision to move into their first venue was made due to the fact that Organik and his team had one of his friends who had the venue. They didn’t have a dime in the bank, not even the $2000 Organik claims it would have cost them to place an initial deposit on a venue. With the help of their friend, there was an inherent risk of organizing an event that was not backed by a guarantee of being able to pay. The venue, which accommodated 220 guests, was completely sold out half an hour before doors were opened. After that, they moved towards the Blue Moon and then on to the Club XS which has a capacity of 2000. “I was debating whether battle rap was big enough for that venue,” Organik states.

Organik’s Thought Process and Rap Career

Organik says exactly what one would think of someone who’s been fighting for more than 10 years. His words are precise and clear, and his speech is fast, focused, and ferocious that are the result of sharp thinking and a sharp ability to avoid falling over his tongue. In a strange way, he appears more relaxed with his lanky and tall frame, adorned in an unflattering red hoodie, two gold chains, and an all-black slim-slung Blue Jays hat. When he was 13 years old, Organik started freestyling by recording the last 10 seconds of the songs in Enter The Wu-Tang: 36 Chambers, then rapping about the music. Then he began fighting with his peers and on the internet. When he realized his desire to take on a bigger stage, then at 17 years old, made a fake I.D. and participated in a contest in the Tequila Lounge, now known as the Annex Rec Room, across from the historical Honest Ed’s restaurant in Toronto. Since then, he’s won the Toronto’s Proud2BEhBattleMC event, as well as the ChangePromotion’s Battle King Events three times, in addition to numerous other events. In the past year, he left his job as a steelworker, which he held for 8 years.

Drake’s Collaboration With Organik

Drake was a loyal fan of KOTD and was co-hosting the group’s Flatline event in 2011 with a contest against Dizaster as well as DNA. The scope of his involvement in Blackout 5 has been speculated since the brand to the Blackout 5 event which included the iconic OVO Owl, was announced in the latter half of 2014. Rumors have been swirling, to the point of asking if he will fight Murda Mook, who revealed to MTV News that Drake challenged him in September. Organik clarifies that Drake was a major participant in the preparations during the tournament, which took some time talking on the phone to arrange. The coming year is expected to be an extremely successful year for Drizzy who is expected to drop the much-anticipated Views From The 6 sometime within over 11 months and OVO’s habit of keeping everything under wraps means it’s not an exaggeration to say that nearly anything can occur at any event that they’re involved in. Organik’s promise, however, is that God will be there “100 percent.”

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Anyone who is involved with King of the Dot, Organik states, isn’t the kind of person to search for handouts. They’ve not received grants or other outside financings for the events. Since their beginnings, the group has depended on themselves and the scene since the initial battles in the parks of Toronto. Sometimes, you’ll need the push or help to reach that next level. “It’s always great when someone gives you that lay-up, so you can get that slam dunk and really start your career off,” Organik states. “And that’s what Drake’s doing for us, helping us to strive and be what we can be.”

He was initially an enthusiast. He’s a fan, and is attentive to it and approached us in the year 2011, just to say that “yo, what up, just lettin’ you know I’m kinda watching, it’d be dope to come out to an event.” His son Hush Young Tony is a wonderful friend, too. And Young Tony was the first to contact him and say in the mood “yo, just wanted to get a hold of you, just wanted to let you know Drake wants to come to an event.” Then we invited Drake out to Dizaster and DNA. It was a secret at the time, and we weren’t going to make a big deal about the event or anything since we weren’t sure if Drake was going to attend, or not. It’s the most famous artist in the world appearing in the subculture that you have in Toronto that began in an outdoor park. It’s almost unbelievable. He did, however, show up and has been in touch and is a great supporter of it. We were planning to host the event in the past during this time, but the tour was scheduled for the coming months and we had a ton of other things going on too we decided it would be better to put the event back and wait until a more suitable timing. Then, in September, I flew with him and Gully (TK) to LA to watch Drake against. Wayne, the tour due to the fact that it was sort of a battle rap based tour The guys literally thought up the concept of the tour, but Drake said to me “this whole tour’s based off what y’all do, so I want to fly you out so you can experience this.” Then he took me out for a flight and treated me as a boss and a was total shit. We decided to create something truly unique for Toronto. Toronto as they have OVO Festival in the summer and then KOTD later in January. February is always the time when we’ve had our biggest events in Toronto to this. We were just putting together a concerted effort to create something massive take place.

He’s all about performing for the city and he’s a man. Drake really is a big fan of Toronto. Toronto. He is always seeking ways to improve every aspect of the city, and many people aren’t aware of how much influence he’s got such as bringing in, Jermain Defoe to Toronto and the work he’s doing with the TorontoRaptors. Raptors and the OVO Fest to stuff like this. It’s an incredible moment for an entire city. Nobody else has done similar things to benefit their city. There’s no Jay-Z on the streets of New York trying to help the small subculture scene or aid in the growth of the music he grew up with. Drake is. Drake isn’t this and trying to take over something, he’s merely an admirer of the culture and wants to enhance it and give people the most epic battle ever. It’s not going to be tarnished by corporations seeking to profit from it. Therefore, instead of doing it all by himself, it was just “yo, let’s do this together, let’s do this properly.” He isn’t looking to stick into the culture to do something that isn’t present. He’s happy with the way the process is going and it’s natural and that’s the way to do it.

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