[People Profile] All We Know About Mark Angel Biography: Age, Career, Spouse, Family, Net Worth

Mark Angel Biography: Age, Career, Spouse, Family, Net Worth

[People Profile] All We Know About Mark AngelBiography: Age, Career, Spouse, Family, Net Worth

Mark Angel (born 27 May 1991) is a Nigerian comedian writer, scriptwriter, and producer of the video. He is most well-known for his Mark Angel Comedy series of shorts that are available on YouTube that often feature child comedians like his cousin Emmanuella Samuel (age 12) and his niece, [3 as well as her sister “Aunty” Success Madubuike (age 8). Mark Angel’s channel on YouTube was the initial African comedian channel that managed to hit one million viewers. Mark Angel additionally has a spouse who performs comedy on the mark angel comedy series alongside his co-stars, which include Mr. Azu, Baze10, Ebere, The Law, Mimi, and Kingsley Brown.

Profiling Mark Angel

A Quick Glance At Mark Angel

Full NamesMark Angel
Stage NameMark Angel
Date Of Birth27 May 1991
Age31 Years Old
State of OriginImo State
OccupationActor • Comedian
SpouseAmanda Josh
Marital StatusMarried
Academics Obafemi Awolowo University
Net WorthUS$1.5 million


Mark Angel (born 27 May 1991) is a funny Nigerian comedy actor and scriptwriter and video director.

He is well-known for his Mark Angel Comedy series of clips posted on Twitter and other social networks, frequently featuring children comedians like his cousin Emmanuella and his niece, Aunty Success Madubuike. His YouTube channel, in 2017, became one of the very first African comedy sites to reach one million subscribers.

His videos mostly feature children His most popular characters are his niece Emmanuella as well as his younger sister Aunty Success. A former college student, he is a professional cinematographer and also co-owns a production house.

He is an artist who is aware of his roots. He is able to connect with his community by highlighting his neighborhood in Port Harcourt in his videos which is among the main reasons behind his popularity and success.

Early Life

Mark Angel was born in the city of Port Harcourt, Rivers State, South-South Nigeria. But, he is of the Igbo tribe in Orlu, Imo State. The birth of his son was on the 27th of May, 1991.

He was raised in a typical family, with two brothers: Aunty Success and another. Mark Angel always wanted to be a doctor.

But, the road to realizing his goal was cut short following his uncle’s sudden and tragic passing away. He was the one who financed Mark Angel‘s education at the university, where he was pursuing a degree in medical sciences.

However, he’d continue to pursue a job in production.


He completed his secondary and primary education at an institution located in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria, graduating with a Senior School Certificate (SSCE).

He then attended Obafemi Awolowo University to pursue medicine as a main. Following the sudden death of his uncle the family was faced with problems with their finances. This is why Mark Angel decided to quit.

But, Mark Angel decided to study cinematography in India and it was a good choice.


How old is Mark Angel? He was born on the 27th of May 1991,  he is 31 years old as of April 2023.


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Mark Angel began his path to a career by studying photography. Then, he relocated to India to acquire experience in cinematography as well as theatre. After the return trip, he was unable to secure decent-paying positions for his work in Nollywood. Nigerian movie business (Nollywood). Therefore the decision was made to start his own business and later set up his own production company.

He started an internet-based comic company, known by the name of Mark Angel Comedy which is a collection that includes YouTube comedy shorts that feature several individuals from his family and neighborhood of Port Harcourt. A lot of the clips feature clever children, such as his cousin Emmanuella along with his Aunty Success.

His debut well-known film is called Oga Landlord, wherein a man who is late with his rental (Mark) seeks to cover up the tenant (Daddy Humble) and is unsuccessfully trying to find the child (Emmanuella) as a cover. The skit brought the actor much-needed fame in Nigeria.

Emmanuella has been Mark Angel‘s longest-appearing actor. She has been awarded numerous awards for comedy in Nigeria as well as Australia for her collaboration alongside He and is the youngest African YouTube award-winner. Her first film project began in the school as a video class project prior to being selected for the project by Mark Angel for his cast of actors. Emmanuella‘s films could reach as high as 1 million views within the first week of posting.

[People Profile] All We Know About Mark AngelBiography: Age, Career, Spouse, Family, Net Worth

He spotted her talent when Emmanuella is away on a family vacation. He was in search of children actors and he resorted to her. She demonstrated her skills through an 18-hour-long video shoot. But, it was an act Mark Angel pulled to test the strength of the young actress. Mark Angel then got Emmanuella‘s parents let her be part of his network.

Mark Angel Comedy was awarded a certificate by YouTube to celebrate reaching a million subscribers in 2017. It was the very first Nigeria-based YouTube channel to cross the one million mark.

In the year 2018, it was revealed that his main character, Emmanuella was to be a part of a forthcoming Disney movie. On 2 April 2020 during COVID-19 lockdowns, COVID-19 locking downs Emmanuella, Aunty Success, as well as Regina Daniels, was featured in an original skit performed by Ofego called Lockdown that was posted on the YouTube channel, which used archive footage.

In addition to producing videos for the channel, Mark Angel writes comedy scripts. He also charges depending on the length of the script and the urgency. He mostly films in the slums of Port Harcourt, which is his way of showcasing the community he grew up in. This helps common Nigerian viewers relate to his work.

At the end of summer 2021, Mark Angel signed a contract with one of the country’s top bookmaker firms, which is called 1xBet. The agreement is set to last for a year and is expected to provide plenty of surprises for 1xBet’s customers as well as the public’s followers of the comedian.

Mark Angel works predominantly with various camera formats and camera angles that are close. The filming process sometimes involves shakey camera techniques in order to create a natural and grounded feel. This is what he described as “freestyle comedy.”


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Below is a list of some of the popular Mark Angel skits:

  • The Landlord
  • Maths teacher
  • Vegetable soup
  • Ice cream
  • Roasted Yam
  • Pregnancy
  • Emmanuella in school
  • White Spirit
  • True love
  • Head Mistress
  • Emmanuellla and the mumu uncle
  • Take me out
  • Stingy Uncle
  • Vision 2020
  • Academic quiz
  • The journey
  • My real face
  • Pot of soup
  • Valentine
  • Don’t mind him

Personal Life

[People Profile] All We Know About Mark AngelBiography: Age, Career, Spouse, Family, Net Worth

While he’s not an actor on a full-time basis, he has attractive looks that are capable of maintaining his appearance on screen. The actor is 5 9’9 inches tall and weighs an average of 68kg. The comedian has brown eyes and black hair.

There has been controversy over Mark Angel‘s relationship with Emmanuella. Many sources have suggested that there were children. Some of the most reputable newspapers in Nigeria stated the fact that he was her uncle, and other sources said they were lovers.

In a post-publication on the website legit. ng in the year 2000, it was stated that the two weren’t linked at all. Emmanuella has lived with the family of Mark since the time she was born even though her parents live.

A. Nigerian comedy actor Mark Angel is married to a gorgeous lady known as Amanda Josh. Amanda Josh is an actress who played the part in role of Auntie Success the mother of Mark Angel in a number of scenes from Mark Angel‘s Comedy.

He enjoys numerous outings with his family and friends, as well as his cherished partner, Emmanuella. He is a fan and a fan of Chelsea FC.


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Net Worth

Mark Angel is one of Nigeria’s most successful and popular comedians. The YouTube sensation earns $100,000 a month through the YouTube channel.

The estimated net worth of his entire career of US$1.5 million. The majority of his earnings as a comedian on YouTube writing scripts, as well as through sponsorship deals on Mark Angel TV.

Social Media

Mark Angel is an extremely popular social media sensation for his comedy skits.

Port Harcourt Born is quite famous in the world of music which has earned him more than 1.5 million users on Instagram and an enormous fan base of more than 125,809 likes to his page on Facebook.

  • Instagram: @markangelcomedy
  • Twitter: @markangelcomedy
  • Facebook: Mark Angel.
  • LinkedIn: Mark Angel

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