[People Profile] All We Know About Maggie Lindemann Biography: Age, Career, Spouse, Family, Net Worth

Maggie Lindemann Biography: Age, Career, Spouse, Family, Net Worth

[People Profile] All We Know About Maggie Lindemann Biography: Age, Career, Spouse, Family, Net Worth

Margaret Elizabeth Lindemann is an American artist and singer. Her most well-known work is her hit 2016 single “Pretty Girl”, which was a top four hit in Sweden and the 6th position in Ireland and 8 in within the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

Profiling Maggie Lindemann

A Quick Glance At Maggie Lindemann

Full NamesMargaret Elizabeth Lindemann
Stage NameMaggie Lindemann
Date Of Birth21 July 1998
Age25 Years Old
Place of BirthDallas, Texas, United States
OccupationSinger • Songwriter
SpouseJordan Clarkson (2022
Marital StatusSingle
Net Worth$3 million

Maggie Lindemann Biography

Maggie Lindemann (born July 21st, 1997) whose actual identity is Margaret Elizabeth Lindemann, is a gifted American artist and songwriter who has established her name in the world of music. Her hit track, Pretty Girl, was released in 2016 the singer became an instant household name attracting fans and admirers from all over the world. The song’s huge success led to it dominating charts across countries like Sweden, Ireland, the UK as well as the Netherlands.

Since that time, Maggie‘s music career has changed in her quest to broaden her horizons and try various genres. Her shift to pop punk and alternative rock styles demonstrates her increasing ability as a musician. The debut album, Paranoia, which came out in 2021 offered fans a glimpse into her new sound and they weren’t satisfied. The EP was well-received and fans could not wait to hear more.

Maggie has not disappointed. She just released her debut full-length album, Suckerpunch, in September 2022. The album features her distinctive style, her impressive songwriting abilities, and stunning vocals. It’s no surprise that the release has already gained popularity and is rapidly ascending the charts.

Maggie Lindemann‘s commitment and love for music is evident through her ongoing exploration of various genres. She refuses to be restricted to a single style. Her determination is to break boundaries and push herself to the limit of her creativity and her supporters are ready for it.

Early Life & Education

Maggie Lindemann was born in the vibrant city of Dallas, Texas, on July 21st, 1998. Her family is German-Scottish and spending her early years bouncing around between her home in the Lone Star State and Scotland. The parents of her, Barton Duane Lindemann and Susan Denise Denson gave a nurturing and supportive environment that their daughter could develop in. She has a brother called Reid Lindemann.

In her teens, Maggie began posting recordings of her singing on Keek, an app for social media that helped her rise into the spotlight on the internet. Her fame grew as she gained followers across a variety of different social networks.

Maggie‘s career in music began to grow as her management, Gerald Tennison discovered a clip featuring her on Instagram. The discovery of this opportune moment brought her to Los Angeles to pursue her interest in music.

Despite the move, Maggie Lindemann continued to pursue her education. After moving from L.A., she still was able to complete her studies at an elementary school in Dallas. In addition, she completed her college studies in that same town.


How old is Maggie Lindemann? She was born on the 21st of July 1998, and she is 25 years old as of August 2023.



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Maggie Lindemann‘s path to stardom is paved with enthralling songs that demonstrate her versatility as a performer. Her first track, Knocking Your Heart released in September 2015, acted as a stunning opening act and signaled the debut of a promising new artist to the scene. The track that followed, Couple of Kids came out in the month of October of that same year. It featured a catchy tune and powerful lyrics that received acclaim from all over the world.

[People Profile] All We Know About Maggie Lindemann Biography: Age, Career, Spouse, Family, Net Worth

However, it was in 2016 that her fame started to rise. Her smash track “Pretty Girl” from 300 Entertainment catapulted her into the spotlight across the globe, earning both praise from critics as well as commercial success in equal measures. The song topped the Next Big Sound chart and was her first single to make it into the US charts for pop music and hit a record-breaking number 50.

Maggie Lindemann‘s collaboration with The Vamps on their hit single Personal In 2017, further affirmed her standing as an artist to reckon with in the music business. This is the year she dropped Obsessed the track which showed off her amazing vocal range as well as songwriting talents. The year after, she released Human And Will I which showcased her growth as an artist and maturation.

In 2019 she began touring with the North American leg of the Singular Tour performing as a support act for bands like the Vamps as well as Madison Beer. Her hit single Friends Go was released the same year, also featured Travis Barker, and received a plethora of reviews. Through 2021, Maggie Lindemann continued to be a major force on the air with numerous singles that became hits featured in her first EP Paranoia, released in 2021.

One of the best tracks on this EP is Crash and Burn Crash and Burn were voted Radio.com’s choice of the week on March 20, 2021. The track debuted at 33 on Mediabase radio. Maggie Lindemann‘s podcast, swixxzaudio, offers listeners an intimate glimpse into the making process behind her forthcoming album Suckerpunch. The album, scheduled to be released on the 16th of September 2022, includes an array of collaborations as well as a look at her growth in her career as an artist.

The second single off the album What Would You Like to Do To To Me?, was released in April 2022 and includes Kellin Quinn of Sleeping with Sirens and further proves the power of Maggie Lindemann‘s ability to transcend genres. A third track, “Break Me! that was released in June of the same year highlights her strong voice and lyrical passion. It’s Not Your Special was released in July along with Self Sabotage which was released in August complete the album’s impressive collection of singles that showcase her development as an artist and commitment to providing quality music.


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  • Pretty Girl
  • How Could You Do This To Me
  • Loner
  • Crash & Burn
  • Obsessed
  • Scissorhands
  • Love Songs
  • She Knows It
  • Knife Under My Pillow
  • Would I
  • Couple of Kids
  • Friends Go
  • Break Me
  • Different
  • You’re Not Special
  • Self Sabotage
  • Hear Me Out
  • Phases
  • Human
  • Cages
  • I’m So Lonely With You
  • Casualty of Your Dreams

Personal Life

[People Profile] All We Know About Maggie Lindemann Biography: Age, Career, Spouse, Family, Net Worth

In 2015, a gruesome online video was released that showed Maggie Lindemann‘s then-boyfriend Vine’s celebrity Carter Reynolds, trying to persuade her to participate in oral sex even though her obvious discomfort. She has spoken out about her experience and the general public has strongly criticised the incident.


The next following year Lindemann openly acknowledged that she was bisexual, and was a prominent voice in her LGBTQ+ community. Between 2019 and 2022, she had an affair with Brandon Arreaga, one of the members of the well-known boy group “PrettyMuch.”. But, the couple ultimately ended their relationship in May 2022.

On September 20, 2022, Lindemann disclosed that she is currently in a relationship with Jordan Clarkson, who is an NBA player with the Utah Jazz, much to the delight of her admirers. She also had romances with Brennen Taylor in 2017 as well as Mikey Barone in 2016.

In the year 2019, her career was thrown off track after she was detained at the border of Malaysia in the year 2019 for not having a valid professional visit pass. She described the incident to be “five days of living hell” and has since become more preoccupied with her international appearances.

In the end, Maggie Lindemann revealed in 2022 that they had a breast lift as a decision she made on her own that she believed was essential for her self-confidence. Despite the varying reactions of her fans, she’s in complete confidence about her decision and is an important musician.


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Net Worth

Maggie Lindemann‘s net worth is thought to be in the region of $3 million. The money came mainly through her musical career, which includes singles, featuring songs as well as the debut album Paranoia. She has also made it in the festival and concert scene, opening for big performers on tour and traveling around the globe. In addition, she earns income from streaming platforms like YouTube, Apple Music, and Spotify.

Social Media

  • Instagram handle: @Maggielindemann
  • Twitter handle: @Maggielindemann

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