[People Profile] All We Know About Ifeoma Adibeli Faith Biography, Age, Career, Spouse, Net Worth

Ifeoma Adibeli Faith Biography, Age, Career, Spouse, Net Worth


[People Profile] All We Know About Adibeli Ifeoma Faith Biography, Age, Career, Spouse, Net Worth

The actress was born Ifeoma Adibeli Faith her professional name is Ify Adibeli, is a rapidly rising actress in Nollywood and model as well as a creator of content and Social media influencer. The gorgeous celebrity is the spouse of Godwin Osahen who is a Nigerian businessman. Although she’s young, she’s one of the most talented actors in the world.

Profiling Adibeli Ifeoma

A Quick Glance At Adibeli Ifeoma

Full NamesIfeoma Adibeli Faith
Date Of Birth26, September 1996
Age25 Years Old
State of OriginDelta state
OccupationActress, Movie producer, Model, Content creator and Social media influencer
SpouseGodwin Osahen
Marital StatusMarried
Academics National Open University Of Nigeria
Net Worth$100,000-$300,000
MovieBlood Enemies


Ifeoma Adibeli is a 24-year-old Nigerian model, actress, and creator of content. The Nigerian actress is often called “Nollywood Drama Queen” or “the hottest Virgin” by many of her followers.

Ifeoma Adibeli has gained a lot of attention within the Nollywood industry following being featured in one of Nastyblaq’s videos. He is a well-known Nigerian comedian. The model and actress have been featured in numerous online Nigerian comedian videos such as that of Sidney’s Talker for example.

Adibeli Ifeoma started acting in the Nollywood industry at only at 16. Her first stage production was “Sound of War” (2014) where she played “Oge Okoye’s daughters”. While she played only a small role in the show, her role remains one of the factors which launched her career as an actor.

Following her first part in the film, Ify Adibeli has featured in many other notable Nigerian films like “Hottest Virgins”, “Online Babes” as well as the popular television show, “Jenifa diaries”.

Ifeoma Adibeli is currently engaged to Godwin Osahen Godwin Osahen, who is a Nigerian businessman. They were married in October of 2020.

Ifeoma Adibeli is available via her Instagram handle as @Ifyadibeli.


Ifeoma Adibeli was born on the 25th day of September 1996. She is an indigenous of Amiocha South, Delta State. She was born to an orthodox Christian home with six children. Three sisters are hers and are the youngest child of her family. Ifeoma Adibeli was raised and raised in Lagos in Nigeria, where she received her schooling.

The stunning actress developed an interest in acting at the age of only a young girl. She was a part of school plays as well as stage shows of the local church. At the age of a teenager, she was allowed to dance in scenes in local film productions. She was just 18 years old of age when she was given her first role in the film “Sound of War”. While she had an unimportant role in the film, however, the money she earned and the determination to rise up to the very top of her game kept her motivated.

Ifeoma Adibeli’s father didn’t believe in Ify getting into acting. The actress claims that her dad thought that it was just an opportunity for distraction for teenager Ify. As time passed through, her father sank into the idea.


Ifeoma Adibeli received her primary and secondary schooling in Lagos State, Nigeria. She attended Motherwell Montessori School for her primary education and Victory Home College for her secondary schooling.

She earned her degree at National Open University, Nigeria in Nigeria, where she earned an education with a major in Mass Communication. She also attended a catering college to gain practical knowledge.

How Ifeoma Adibeli Faith’s Career Started.

Ifeoma Adibeli has always been interested in acting since she was a child. She took part in drama classes at church and school in her early days. She began performing in local productions of plays (not schools or church) when she was able to accompany one of her friends to the film site. The location was in need of dancers to perform in a stage part, the stage director asked her to join the dancers. She accepted the role (although only a minor role) and was compensated five thousand nairas in exchange for her performance.

The director later contacted her back for a second dance part, which was a leader and she was paid fifteen thousand naira in exchange for her efforts. This inspired Ify Adibeli, who was a dancer in the school of her choice to embark on a career in acting. Her first acting experience was in a film called “Sound of War” (2014) in which she was her daughter in the movie of famous film artist Oge Okoye.

Within a short time, she was offered parts in movies that were hit such as “Online Babes”, “Hottest Virgins”, Blood Enemies, and a host of others. The movie “Hottest Virgins” earned her the name “Hottest Virgin”. It’s not because she was a virgin prior to marriage. She got the nickname due to her leading role in the film.

In 2021, Adibeli has remained active in the Nollywood industry. The stunning actress plans to establish a film studio exclusively for young girls in the next four years.


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[People Profile] All We Know About Adibeli Ifeoma Faith Biography, Age, Career, Spouse, Net WorthIfeoma Adibeli started her journey with auditions. There were some big difficulties along the way, however, her passion for acting pushed her to persevere.

There were instances where she was required to perform the roles with no pay just for the joy of acting. When she was first in the spotlight, she took on some of these roles that were not paid that she believed in, if anything else, shaped future suggestions for her.

As she says, the industry could be described as a marketplace for the bad, good and ugly. There was a time in the past when she was not given any options to accommodate her part. She was required to sit with a female star in an area. In this scenario, she must be mindful not to cause offense to these female stars as she does not want to be kicked to the exit.

It took quite a time to be noticed in the Nollywood industry. For an actress who is just starting similar to her, it was instances when the film scenes she appeared in were edited by directors. Ifeoma Adibeli has been repeatedly disqualified from performing due to the circumstances she faced during her journey. She was once frightened by a prominent film producer from Nollywood who claimed that she wasn’t adequate enough. It made her stop performing for a few months, but in one way or another, she found her confidence and continued in the direction of her career.

Another obstacle Ify faced was the challenge of playing romance roles within a film set. In a conversation, she conducted with Timeyin Adebanjo told her viewers that she doesn’t enjoy being in romantic scenes due to her background in the family. She is of the opinion that her parents are likely to be skeptical to take on these roles. In addition, prior to her marriage in the month of October 2020, she was finding the concept that she was in a romantic relationship while acting simultaneously (especially when it comes to romantic roles) very difficult. She announced to her fans that she would abstain from acting following her marriage. Although she was aware that breaking up could result in an impact on the career of her actor, she stated that her plan was to “bounce back”.

Ifeoma Adibeli too thought of as an amazing and fair actor who bleached her skin according to some viewers. After being confronted, Ify revealed to the viewers that she has never in her life bleached her skin or treated her body. But, she’s thinking about a possible abdominal and butt surgery following the process of birth.

While Ify is a fan of acting, she feels it’s not a good revenue source. This is the reason that she is involved in several other side hustles to help her to survive. For her, acting is fun!

Ifeoma Adibeli’s Memorable Moments.

One of the most memorable moments for Ify will be forever remembered as she was featured in Nastyblaq’s popular video. This comedy clip earned her her huge fan base and notoriety.

Another memorable moment for her was when she was named an award-winning nominee in the year 2016 and not in Nigeria but in the U.S.A.

Ifeoma Adibeli has also collaborated with many famous Nollywood film actors like Oge Okoye Fredrick Leonard, Funke Akindele, and many others. These top Nollywood stars have had a positive impact on The acting careers of Ify Adibeli.


Born Ifeoma Adibeli Faith her professional name is Ify Adibeli, is a rising Nollywood model, actress as well as content creator, and influencer on social media. The gorgeous star is the spouse of Godwin Osahen who is a Nigerian businessman.


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[People Profile] All We Know About Adibeli Ifeoma Faith Biography, Age, Career, Spouse, Net Worth

Ifeoma Adibeli has had a fulfilling career within the Nollywood industry. Here’s a list of movies she has featured in so far;

Sound of War (2014)

Hottest Virgins (2016)

Anini Sisters (2016)

Bad Time (2018)

Restless (2018)

Online Babes (2019)

Orange Girl (2020)

My Kids and I (2020)

Rich in Love (2020)

The Devil Between My Legs (2020)

Blood Enemies (2021)

Pregnant For My Own Flesh And Blood (2021)

T.V. Series.

Jenifa Diaries (S2_S4).

Awards and Recognition

In 2016 Ify Ifeoma Adibeli was made a nominee for the DeeDee Entertainment Awards in the U S.A. The recognition she received at the Entertainment Awards made her quite famous in the world of Nollywood. The award also included her nomination for Vanguard Personality Awards (2017 edition).

It’s worth noting that her appearance in the film “Hottest Virgins” earned her the name of “Hottest Virgin” and gained her the fame she required in the industry of Nollywood.

While Ify Adibeli is yet to win awards, her active involvement in the Nollywood industry is a signal that Ify will be recognized in the near future.


Ifeoma Adibeli Faith can be described as an active woman. In addition to acting, she has also branched out into some projects in the fashion and entertainment line. These side hustles have helped increase Her net worth through time. At the moment, her net worth is believed to be at least $150,000.

 Facts about Adibeli Ifeoma

Ifeoma Adibeli, apart from her acting career, is the C.E.O. of an online company that is known as”the “Adys phone brand”. The company is in charge of selling accessories and phones to clients locally as well as internationally. In her role as a fashion blogger, she also has a brand of fashion called “Classic collections”.

This isn’t all, this beautiful actress has a TV channel that she has named. Adibeli’s television is in charge of streaming live Nigerian movies at no cost.

In addition to acting and modeling, In addition, Ify Adibeli enjoys cooking and swimming.

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