[People Profile] All We Know About Diplo Biography: Age, Career, Spouse, Family, Net Worth

Diplo Biography: Age, Career, Spouse, Family, Net Worth

[People Profile] All We Know About Diplo Biography: Age, Career, Spouse, Family, Net Worth

Thomas Wesley Pentz, known professionally as Diplo is a famous American disc jockey, songwriter, and music producer.

Profiling Diplo

A Quick Glance At Diplo

Full NamesThomas Wesley Pentz
Stage NameDiplo
Date Of Birth10 November 1978
Age44 21 Years Old
Place of BirthTupelo, Mississippi, United States
OccupationDJ • Musician
Marital StatusSingle
Academics University of Central Florida
Net Worth$50 million

Diplo Biography

Thomas Wesley Pentz (born on November 10, 1978) known by his stage name Diplo Diplo, is a well-known American DJ, songwriter, record producer, and musician.

He has been steadily building an image for being one of the more innovative and talented performers across his native United States. Major Lazer, a dancehall group, was founded in the year 2000. Major Lazer was founded by the American recording producer, rapper singer, musician, and composer.

His association with DJ Skrillex resulted in the creation of the electronic duo Jack U. Diplo started with his mash-up mixtapes and it wasn’t long before he famous in the local community as a master in electronic music performing at Philadelphia nightclubs.

Diplo slowly gained a following among the local crowd It took him a short time to open his own club.

Early Life & Education

Thomas Wesley Pentz more popularly called Diplo Diplo was born on 10 November the 10th of November, 1978, in Mississippi, United States. He was the son of the parents Barbara Jean Cox (mother) and Thomas Pentz (father).

His family is from Germany. From the time he was a child and a child, he’s been a fan of music, specifically electronic music and rap. After the family relocated to Miami, Diplo was first exposed to Miami Bass which was a major influence on the development of his musical tastes.

The children in the neighborhood were disenchanted by his unusual musical preferences due to the fact that Rap was not yet widely known while rock was still in its early stages at the time.

After completing his undergraduate education at the University of Central FloridaDiplo continued his education in Philadelphia. The DJ career started there but only modestly at events and nightclubs.

Despite his great performance he had no professional experience and was required to pick new skills while he earned recognition.


How old is Diplo?

He was born on the 10th of November 1978, and he is 44 years old as of September 2023.


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His relationship with DJ LowBudget who had almost the same aesthetic preferences as Diplo and Diplo, led to the development of Hollertronix which was an event in which both DJs were free to mix whatever they liked. They played in nightclubs across California and utilized their savings to create unforgettable events under the stage names.

[People Profile] All We Know About Diplo Biography: Age, Career, Spouse, Family, Net Worth

The group’s mix tapes gained traction during The Philadelphia club scene. Diplo‘s single album “Never Scared” was awarded the honor that it was voted one of the best albums of 2003.

He didn’t waste time in moving forward with his next project a studio named The Mausoleum that was later used by Shakira, Plastic Little, and Scream to create music and video after settling in and gaining financial security through his music.

As DJ in 2004 for one of his remix tracks, Diplo gained M.I.A.‘s respect and immediately invited him to an interview when she walked past while Diplo accidentally played one of her tracks. The final result of their collaboration is this mixed tape “Piracy Funds Terrorism, Vol. 1. The album received such a huge amount of undeserved praise in the New York Times named it among the top of the year’s albums.

Diplo continued working alongside M.I.An M.I.A., which is how he came across DJ Switch. They came together to create the song “Paper Planes which was a top 5 hit at the top of the Billboard 200.

In the wake of all this popularity, Diplo swiftly ascended the ranks, and began his career as a producer and worked with many famous artists, such as Shakira, Kid Cudi, Bruno Mars, Snoop Dogg, and numerous other rock bands and music groups. Diplo began working on his next project, Mad Decent.

Since its founding in 2005 Mad Decent has collaborated with a variety of fresh artists among them Gucci ManeRusko, and Jamie Fanatic…

Through collaboration with established and emerging artists, he was able to climb the ranks of success. He composed songs for many of the top names in music such as Lil Wayne, Britney Spears, Usher, Justin Bieber as well and Ariana Grande.

He Switch and Diplo Switch were signed by Downtown Records for a joint album that heavily drew inspiration from Miami Bass and Baile Funk which led to the duo being dubbed Major Lazer. For the recording of their album Guns Don’t Kill People… The Lazers and the duo went to Jamaica. Then they released their debut EP titled “Lazers Never Die.”.

The group collaborated with a variety of musicians and recorded top-quality music, which allowed them to progress in their careers, and eventually become known as the most popular music group in the country. The next album, Peace is the Mission was released in the year 2015. The album’s first track, Lean On has racked up over 800 streams through Spotify as well as 2 billion viewers on YouTube and was among the top music video streams in the history of the world. Other tracks from the album were incredibly well too.

In the year 2016, Major Lazer worked with Justin Bieber and the Spanish singer MO to record the track Cold Water, which finally was high on the chart across a variety of nations.

The collaboration of Diplo as well as world-renowned DJ Skrillex performed at first in his new role as Jack U in the year 2013. Their debut album Skrillex and Diplo Presents Jack U, was released in February of 2015 and also included a number of other musicians.

Where Are You Now The album Where Are You Now became a massive hit at nightclubs across the globe following the single from “Where You Are You Now topped the charts across a variety of countries. The group later received the Grammy in the category of Best Dance Album in 2016.

In addition to his acclaimed job, Diplo hosts an evening show for his home station BBC, and has not been shy about promoting emerging artists. He has earned himself an enviable following among his fans because of his appearances on various talk shows, charity events along music festivals. He is currently working on the music to Shah Rukh Khan‘s character in his first Indian film At the moment Harry was introduced to Sejal.


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  • Grammy Awards, 2019
  • Best Dance Recording, 2016
  • Best Electronic/Dance Album

Personal Life

[People Profile] All We Know About Diplo Biography: Age, Career, Spouse, Family, Net Worth

Diplo and Kathryn Lockhart have been married for quite a while they have 2 sons. Lockett Pentz and Lazer Pentz together.

Jevon King revealed the arrival of her baby, Pace Pentz in March 2020. Diplo has confirmed that his son is Jevon King, the actress Jevon King and his name was Pace Pentz which is his third child. The 44-year-old DJ and record producer revealed the announcement in the midst of US Mother’s Day while honoring the special women in his everyday life.

He is the partner of Chantel Jeffries (2020), Kate Hudson (2016-2017), Jevon King (2015), Katy Perry (2014-2015), Kathryn Lockhart (2009-2014) as well as M.I.A. (2003-2008).

He is also believed to have been in a relationship with Madonna (2015).

He’s very passionate about sports and is an avid fan of cricket and football making it a priority to not miss a major event or match for either of the two sports.


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Net Worth

American DJ Diplo is famous for his collaborations with musicians like Major Lazer, Skrillex, and many more. Diplo is the estimated sum of $50 million in net worth.

Social Media

  • Instagram: @Diplo
  • Twitter: @Diplo
  • YouTube: Diplo
  • Facebook: Diplo
  • TikTok: @diplo

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