[People Profile] All We Know About Cyril Chukwuemeka Biography: Age, Career, Spouse, Net Worth

Cyril Chukwuemeka Biography: Age, Career, Spouse, Net Worth

[People Profile] All We Know About Cyril Chukwuemeka Biography: Age, Career, Spouse, Net Worth

Cyril Chukwuemeka Pharaoh (born 4 November 1983) is a 38-year-old rapidly rising actor in Nollywood and screenwriter. The actor from the south is known by his nickname, King Pharaoh. The gifted actor belongs to the Igbo man who has appeared in a variety of films since his debut on the screen more than 10 years in the past.

Profiling Cyril Chukwuemeka

A Quick Glance At Cyril Chukwuemeka

Full NamesCyril Chukwuemeka
Date Of Birth4, November 1983
Age38 Years Old
State of OriginAnambra State, Nigeria
OccupationActor • Screenwriter
Marital StatusMarried
Academics University of Jos
Net Worth$400,000
MovieBlood In Blood Out


Cyril Chukwuemeka Pharaoh (born on November 4, 1983) is 38 year old, fast-growing screenwriter and actor from Nollywood.

The actor from the southeast is known as the King Pharaoh.

This talented performer is an Igbo man and has been featured in a variety of films since his first appearance onto the screen nearly a decade years ago.

Early Life

Cyril Chukwuemeka was born in 1983 to Chief Cyril IkemefunaNweke as well as Mrs Ifeoma Georgina Nweke..

He is in Ifite-Ukpo, Anambra State. The man has the status of an Igbo man.

He is from a royal lineage because his father was Eze Ndi Igbo Nnanyelugo of Kaltungo city in Gombe State.

He is the son who was the firstborn of the family and has seven brothers and sisters. His siblings and he were raised in regions of the country, the South East and Northern parts of the nation.

His father is currently a pastor at his church Christ Liberation Ministry. His mother is an entrepreneur and runs an enterprise of medium and small size.


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[People Profile] All We Know About Cyril Chukwuemeka Biography: Age, Career, Spouse, Net Worth


For his primary schooling, He attended Obi Okosun Memorial Nursery and Primary School, Onitsha, and St. Mary’s Nursery and Primary School, Suleja, Niger State.

He received the First School Leaving Certificate from the same school.

He earned the West African School Certificate from Government Secondary School, Gwagwalada, Abuja. He quit the school in the year 1995.

After that, he was enrolled in The Jos University Jos, Plateau State which he completed with a certificate in Law as well as a degree from the School of Politics Science in addition to Public Administration. This was in 2009.


How old is Cyril Chukwuemeka? Cyril Chukwuemeka was born on the 4th of November 1983, he is 38 years old as of August 2022


[People Profile] All We Know About Cyril Chukwuemeka Biography: Age, Career, Spouse, Net Worth

Awed by acting since childhood, Cyril joined the acting profession as a professional in the year 2011. He debuted in the film, Snake Covenant.

Personal Life


Cyril Chukwuemeka is a man who is married and has three children, two daughters, and an infant son. He is the father of one child. Princess Ijeoma Cyril was born on July 22nd, 2020.

The man is Christian and lives on the outskirts of Onitsha, Anambra State with his family.

The Prophet is his spiritual father Emeka Odumeje from the Mountain of Holy Ghost Intervention Ministries.


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  • Blood In Blood Out
  • Young King
  • Princess Choice
  • The Queens
  • The Kings
  • River Marriage
  • Youngest Don
  • Village Don
  • Pot Of Doom
  • Street Money
  • Living Christ

Net Worth

Cyril Chukwuemeka is able to lead a comfortable lifestyle because of his income as an actor. He is currently estimated to have a fortune of around $400,000.


Any child born and named Goodluck will be great in life – Cyril Chukwuemeka

Nollywood actor Cyril Chukwuemeka recently shocked his fans by renouncing his name “Pharaoh”, claiming that the name is associated with evil and an act that is completely against his new beliefs.

The bearded actor whose first foray into the film business began in 2011 after he was cast with Kenneth Okonkwo and Clem Ohameze in the films “Born Again Billionaire” and Kingdom Billionaires says that until this point, he had no idea that a name can have a significant impact on the way a person lives

In announcing the reasons he chose to drop his surname, Cyril said, “while I was growing as a child, I used to believe that names are nothing more than the arrangement of letters from an alphabet, or some other symbol which represent the identification of an individual or an object. I didn’t believe that a name could have any influence on the character of a person.”

“The reality that former US President Goodluck Jonathan, was a model of grandeur does not indicate that any child who is given the name of Goodluck will be successful in the future. When I was a child, I thought when I was a kid however now that I’m an adult, I think as men. In the past, I believed that names were just to be used for identification. Now, I’m aware of the difference.”

Anambra State-born actor, who has since devoted the rest of his life Christ disclosed that he made the decision to abjure the name Pharaoh after listening to the words of His Lordship Bishop Sylvanus Ofili, from the Christian Liberation Ministry International on the subject “What is in a Name.”

Following the message, Jesus stated, ” I came to comprehend the reason why Jacob’s name, which is a synonym for the word “supplanter” was changed to Israel after an experience with the angels of God in Bethel. I am also able to understand the reason Jesus Christ personally changed the name of his apostle from Simon to Peter meaning “rock.”

“Saul was a scourge of Christ and when he came into contact with God his name transformed in the form of Saul into Paul. After having studied these theological beliefs I was able to comprehend that my family name is Pharaoh is used for every first male child or sole son of my maternal lineage based on our roots in the Egyptian Dynasty. Egyptian Dynasty.

The name I chose to use is against my religious beliefs and is seen as a devil to God. It is because I’ve accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savour. This means I’m Reborn, the old things have gone, and behold everything is transformed by Christ who has strengthened me.” the apostle said.

Cyril is featured in numerous Nollywood films including Tears of A Billionaire, Burning City, Demonic Call, Living Christ, Princess Ifeoma, and Indian Queen, among others.

Social Media

Cyril Chukwuemeka is extremely popular on social media, particularly Instagram. He has more than 16.3k followers on Instagram.

His official Instagram handle is @kingcyrilpharaoh.

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