This new hit song from FEGA MICHAELS is different from the norm we hear from her, its a slow fusion of rhythm and trap.   She got deep on this one, assuring the listeners that “we are all NOT ALONE”.

 In her words, ” I wrote this song at a point in my life, where I was going through stuffs that seemed choking. Somewhere from my Spirit, the sound and words came out of my mouth, and I started singing it to my self. At that point, I noticed a calm presence. The song was ministering to me, so I thought to put it out there for all those going through all kinda stuffs, whether good or bad, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.”
Download, listen and share..
 Be blessed..
 Connect with FEGA MICHAELS on
 Instagram: @fega_the_billionaire
Twitter: @fega_michaels
 Release date 04/11/2018

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