Maid gives birth, stabs baby girl to death in UAE

She claimed it was an act of revenge.

A woman has been charged with murdering her newborn daughter in Abu Dhabi.

The Ethiopian woman in her late 20s had left her husband and came to the UAE to work for an Arab family.

Her employers had no idea she was in the early stages of pregnancy upon hiring her.

The woman gave birth to the baby girl at her employer’s home by herself in October of last year. She smashed the baby’s head on the floor of the bathroom, then stabbed her with a knife until she died.

She wrapped the child’s body in a cloth and dumped her in a garbage bin near their home.

The child’s body was discovered by cleaning workers who informed the police.

The woman had confessed to both the police and prosecutors.

She stressed that she committed the crime out of fear of raising the child alone, but also to take revenge against her husband.

The woman said in the sixth month of her pregnancy, she phoned her husband and informed him about it.

“I told my husband that I wanted to return home because I couldn’t raise the baby here. He refused and said he didn’t know me nor wanted anything to do with the pregnancy,” she said.

“He said the child wasn’t his. This frustrated me so much, it was like a knife that killed my motherhood.”

The woman told the court she had felt labour pains at around 4am when she entered the bathroom in her bedroom and delivered the baby by herself.

“I fell unconscious after killing my child for almost two hours. When I woke up, I wrapped her body in a cloth and dumped it in the garbage bin.”


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