MAINTAINERS AGENCY COMPANY is an all round management platform whose services are made available to both individuals and cooperation of any size. Our database of scrutinized contacts help us achieve smooth run of PR services, management and advertisement on a different level.

Advertisement and exposure is arguably the most important part of your business in order to avoid any form of stagnation. We bridge the gap or rather, close that gap between you and your potential customers.


Talent and artistes management to the fullest as we take charge of everything from scratch and leave you with nothing to worry about as an upcoming or made act.

We can take full control of your firm’s PR while you watch it boom.

We provide business consultations, put you on the right path to success with our skilled experts and all round gurus who spend every day developing their skills and database of connect.

From branding, publicity, even managing social media accounts and keeping tabs on your progress, we do all that for you, down to the smallest things.

Our social packages include:

Developing and growing your social media pages, building your following to help you gain that recognition online and maximize the full potential of your online audience. IG, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

Website and app development which is very crucial for every modern business.

Link you up to providers of services needed to carry out even your own services effectively.


We have worked with prominent artistes and firms until this day and they have testified that our services have changed their perspective and businesses in a lot of ways.

We are dedicated to our clients and we strive to ensure that the target goals are always met and exceeded in most cases. Determination and zeal is our guideline and that has made us stand out amongst fierce competition.


You can reach us on our direct email: [email protected]

Contact phone number: +2348132973153

Or use the contact form below to reach us and we would get back to you as swiftly as possible