Is Sex A Priority For Men?

Is Sex A Priority For Men?

Have you ever wondered why sex is one of the most lucrative ventures in the world? One of the oldest at that. How important is sex to a man? Why is it in such high demand? Do men work hard to achieve financial success only to secure their sexual desires?

It seems like every man, despite his sexual orientation, want to have constant sex, and that is all he thinks about. Is there a reason behind this attribute? Why does a man want to get with every beautiful woman he sees? Maybe there are some things biology has to tell us about this wonder.

I wonder if there is a specific age a man will get to, and some other things become his priority other than sex. First, let’s take a look at how prostitution took advantage of this biological urge.

Prostitution Took Advantage of Man’s Sexual Desires

While prostitution’s claim as the world’s oldest profession has been widely discredited, it could easily assume a replacement title as the occupation withstood the most controversy for the most extended period.

PHOTO: The Code of Hammurabi preserved on a stone "stele." Source: (accessed Aug. 29, 2013)

PHOTO: The Code of Hammurabi preserved on a stone “stele.”
Source: (accessed Aug. 29, 2013)

The earliest account of prostitution can be found in the list of occupations included in the Sumerian Records, dating back to 2400 BCE. Due to the context of its placement in this list, prostitution may have been associated with temple service work; thus, it would have likely been regarded as an acceptable and legitimate profession, a sentiment that was reiterated less than a century later in the neighboring region of Babylonia when the legal rights of a prostitute were recorded in Hammurabi’s Code.

Despite these seemingly promising origins, women in this profession soon began experiencing regulations. In 1075 BCE, The Code of Assura enacted a legal requirement for all women to wear veils in public, except prostitutes who, as a means of differentiation, were legally prohibited from doing so.

Why is Sex a Priority For Men?

Sex is not just about reproduction, as it has been proven over time. Men do not have sex for the sole purpose of giving birth to children. Having children is not very important to men as it is to women. Many would want to attribute sex for men to attraction and more complicated things as not just physical but spiritual and love-inclined. It is not true; that is why a man can pay for sex. Society has tried effortlessly to make sex about a Godly union between a man and woman, but that never really quenched the insatiable thirst for various sex partners for men. For example, see how a group of ‘Godly’ people has described sex to a man.

To a man, sex can feel like the most profound, genuine sharing of himself he can ever imagine. It is not just a robotic release of sexual tension, it is the experience of giving his all in the drive to feel as close as possible to his married spouse, whether he feels he is in love or not.

I am writing this post to answer my question; when will sex stop being a priority for men? At what age? Is there ever a time in a man’s life when he would not need to cum? Especially with a younger, finer lady.

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