Invest In Our Country Taliban Afghanistan Government Begs Foreign Investors

Invest In Our Country Taliban Afghanistan Government Begs Foreign Investors

The ultimate leader of Afghanistan’s Taliban-run government, Hibatullah Akhundzada, has asked domestic and foreign businesses to finance the nation.
Akhundzada again called upon Afghans to get jointly and reconstruct their war-torn nation.
He completed the remarks in his statement on a narrative of Eid-el-Fitr, celebrating the end of the Muslim fasting month Ramadan,


The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan connects great volume to the reconstruction of the country for which it has given a brilliant economic representatives to operate all current capabilities toward the growth of the nation,” he said in his message emitted by the state-run news agent Bakhtar on Friday

Mr Akhundzada also defined Afghanistan as the common home of all Afghans and encouraged those who left the country to return home and take care of their country.
“The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan desires positive associations with the nations of the region and the globe,” he said on friday . “We permit none to pose a danger to other nations from Afghanistan and we too want other nations to commit with us on joint regard..

The top leader said his determination to refuse poppy cultivation and drug-producing in his nation.
He demonstrated that his government would handle the problems of agriculturalists and the fellow residents in public by supplying alternative livelihoods.
Mr Akhundzada also reached multinational health organisations and aid establishments to help the individuals of Afghanistan in the health sector, which is encountering a lack of medicines, experienced staff and medical supplies.

He also emphasized education as the key to save “our associates and pave the way towards country’s growth and wealth.”
“The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is performing to strengthen education and understanding, opening new schools and madrassas (religious schools) in many major and remote regions of the country for religious and modern schooling. We are also providing a safe climate for education,” said the Taliban leader


Our country is full of peace and understanding people with no doubt, we want investors and business individuals to invest,
the supreme leader also added that country need to help them with health and medical equipment,
he said we are lacking medical materials and experienced medical doctors
As we all know health is one of the most important something in every country and we must make sure we don’t lack on that,
He also added on the educational aspect,
He said education is the key to a bright county, we must work on our educational sector, our children are our future and our future must be taken care of, our children deserve the best and the best we shall provide all.

I want to use this opportunity to beg our foreign investors to come over to the country to invest, they have nothing to be afraid of, our country is safe and secure, our movie industry needs foreign partnership and we are open to working with any movie industry such as

Hollywood, the most influential movie industry in the world, our people will have a lot to learn from the biggest movie industry in the world,

Bollywood, is known for creating the most number of movies per year which is on average 1200 per year, and with their help our people can be one of the best,

South Korean Cinema


Cinema of Japan (Nihon Eiga) 

A lot of them,

 He said this can also help to fight crime and drugs in the country, as we all know our society is full of drug abusers with will must fight against together, with the help of our foreign investors, and enough job in our society, so many can be easily taken care of, 


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