Deborah death: NBA Tell Sokoto State Police And Tambuwal Not To Hide The True Story

Deborah death: NBA Tell Sokoto State Police And Tambuwal Not To Hide The True Story

The Nigerian Bar Association has advised the Nigeria Police Force and Sokoto state Government , Governor Aminu Tambuwal, to correctly charge the suspects applied in the killing of a Christian female student, Deborah Samuel, by Muslim revolutionaries in Sokoto state.


The lawful alliance criticized the killing in a report on the 17th of May 2022.

“With certain relation to the murder of Miss Deborah Yakubu and connected results in Sokoto state, we are, nevertheless, disturbed by yet-to-be-confirmed statements getting to us that the suspects have been captured with mere violation of public consensus in an attack that killed Deborah Samuel’s life in her excellent,” the report expressed.

“The NBA is deeply objected to a banalization of the case, and if these statements are correct, then we reach on the Sokoto State Government to instantly review its prosecution procedure and file charges that truly recollect the seriousness of the problem,” the report added.


The organization delayed its NBA-SPIDEL meeting which was prepared to hold in Sokoto this month, criticizing the extrajudicial killing of Mss. Deborah Samuel.

former education minister, and global human rights lawyer, Keynote speakers like Oby Ezekwesili, and Chidi Odinkalu, had to pull out from their participation at the occasion of the rally of the killing.

past week, Governor Tambuwal charged a curfew in the state to curb an additional stretch of brutality after violent hoots broke out, clamoring for the release of Mss. Debora Samuel’s killer suspects.

Aminu Waziri Tambuwal the governor of the state said the command was given “in pursuance of stability and order in Sokoto municipality and the whole state Sokoto.” Nevertheless, the curfew has now stood open and Mr. Aminu Waziri Tambuwal the governor has continued movements for his 2023 presidential proposal.

A 200-level Home Economics student miss Deborah Samuel was indicted for blasphemy, beaten to death, and roasted by forceful Muslim devotees.

Deborah Samuel was battered at the school’s security position by associates and fellow students who beat her frequently with bars and stones till she perished.

Deborah Samuel’s death has prompted concern from northern leaders and governments who, in a report by the Northern Governors Forum, expressed they were concerned by Muslim revolutionaries resorting to self-help actions in handling perceived violations.
The Nigerian bar association said nothing must be covered up in the killing, the sokoto government must file the real fact about the death, north false statement, everyone the county knows what happen, justice muse be serve, nobody have the right to take anybody’s life, no matter what, not even religion will safe such person, let’s be guided,

This will teach a lot of people a lesson, and we also use this medium to ask our religius teaches to mind what they teach their followers,
peace is the key of any religion, lean to love other’s religions,

nobody can fight for God and it will forever remain that way,

those who take laws into their hands must know one thing, you must know one thing, he who kill with sword shall die by sword,
our religion leaders must also learn to tell their members the truth, let them know about loving each other, there’s a lot to gain from love than violence.

Let them know they are serving God who can fight for the whole world not God they can fight for.

the country is not for just one tribe or religion, you are free to choose who you worship without hating on others religion, learn to love,
we are waiting for the sokoto sate government to give us the real statement, we are not to cover up anybody to avoid future damage to the nation.



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