The Main Role Of Pharmacists Is To uphold Patient Interest, PCN, Dr. Elijah Mohammed,

The Main Role Of Pharmacists Is To uphold Patient Interest, PCN, Dr. Elijah Mohammed,

Nigerian pharmacists have been reproached to stay united and to work jointly with their experienced colleagues and all stakeholders within the pharmaceutical industry in the
welfare of their patient.


The Pharmacists’ Council of Nigeria, PCN, Dr. Elijah Mohammed, who presented the warning in Lagos, stated that the foremost
meaning of being a pharmacist was to support patient interest, even as he verified that Nigerian pharmacists were not being overregulated.

Dr. Elijah Mohammed, who expressed at a Book Launch/End of Term Ceremony carried on his behalf, claimed that the pharmaceutical enterprise was outstanding for a reappraisal to guarantee that adequate pharmaceutical benefits are obtainable to all.

In the book they titled; “NAE Mohammed- The Transformative Leader,” the Registrar, who represented himself as a transformative leader, remembered that when he was first nominated Registrar, there was a lot of unit and dissatisfaction within the work.
He had to create a bridge across the ranges and imbibe a definition of belonging that nowadays supports the Council.

“When I arrived as Registrar, there was a disorganized method in terms of the approach, and I had to sit down and do a review to pinpoint the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and dangers, and bringing it step-by-step, I was capable to separate specific things, and make the needed proportion.

Dr. Elijah Mohammed said there was disagreement between pharmacists and other pharmaceutical practitioners and what he did first was to unify the house because all that pharmacists are concerned roughly is their patients.

Dr. Elijah Mohammed said “We have about 25,000 pharmacists in the nation, these are not sufficiently to serve the entire country, we need to carry out a reappraisal and see how good pharmaceutical assistance can be made unrestricted to all Nigerians, and by doing that, we have to leverage on all stakeholders to ensure that what they are doing is right under the regulation of the PCN.
“This has helped and there is now peace and a common sense of belonging and agreement that the welfare of the patient is the top. Stating that pharmacists are not
overregulated in Nigeria, Mohammed ascribed that they only appear to be because the laws on the environment are targeted majorly against pharmacists so that in the performance of the law, the pharmacist comes into priority most of the time

.“Because if this, when the ax is carried down on someone that runs foul of the regulations, it hits the apothecaries hardest and they feel that they are being over-regulated.
Extolling the integrity of the Registrar, the Managing Director,

Access Bank Plc, Dr. Dere Awosika, also called him a humble, full of knowledge, sensitive, reliable, and a team player for the benefit of the individuals and the profession.

Dr Elijah Mohammed has shown the capacity to help. Usefulness is so essential. The role of the Registrar is to serve the people and provide good health, by encouraging the good practice of pharmacy on the desk that defines who practices and what rules guide the procedure.

“Pharmaceutical training in Nigeria can be more reasonable, but if the Pharmacists’ Council of Nigeria PCN is not there, it will be a free-for-all, so the Pharmacists’ Council of Nigeria PCN has been able to helm and we are on the way, we are moving up,” Awosika stated.

the Founder/CEO, Fidson Healthcare Plc, Dr Fidelis Ayebae, complained that the situation of the local pharma industry was dangerous no thanks to the downturn of the economy.
Confirming him, the former Minister of Health and President of the Nigerian Academy of Pharmacy, Prince Julius Adelusi-Adeluyi, criticized the challenges confronting the local pharma industry, calling for an audit of the profession to make it more relevant


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