MultiChoice Changed Price On DStv, GOtv Packages Start from April 1st

MultiChoice Change Price On DStv, GOtv Packages Start from April 1st


MultiChoice Nigeria has unleashed new adjusted prices for both Dstv and Gotv packages, with concessions to cushion the price adjustments.

report made public to glamcodemedia that Dstv will give benefits to subscribers of these new cost packages.

“At MultiChoice Nigeria, our assignment is to deliver value to our clients by creating amazing recreation additionally available. In light of the rising expenses of inflation and business functions, we have had to review the price of our packages to keep delighting our customers with amazing amusement, anytime and anywhere


 DStv Package The New Price

Premium, N21,000, Compact + N14,250, Compact, N9,000, Confam, N5,300, Yanga N2,950 Padi N2,150 Business N2,669, Xtraview + PVR access fee N2,900

GOtv subscribers will own this New Price 

GOtv Max, N4,150, GOtv Jolli N2,800, GOtv Jinja, N1,900. GOtv Lite N900

on April 1, 2022, a new pricing regime for both our DStv and GOtv packages will be in effect, “

However, to cushion the price adjustments, MultiChoice Nigeria made these concessions:

• Customers who pay on or before their due date (before April 1, 2022) will be qualified to deliver the old cost

• If they pay consistently on time (before their due dates) for 12 months (1 year), they pay the old price

• Clients who pay for 10 months upfront on the latest price will get the 11th month and one more month free 

According to Multichoice Nigeria, The new prices will enable a better grade range to be supplied to Nigerians across the land.

“The price adjustments will enable us to serve our customers better, offering them MORE CHOICE and GREAT VALUE all the time. 

“We remain determined to the best content from around the world accessible at varying price points to cater to the needs of individuals and families across the country
and also our dstvnow users have been limited to one user at a time 
this also means only one login is allowed to watch a particular program at a time



Replying to

Another uproar will erupt about how Nigeria should get their cable network that will rival DSTV and after three days down the line we rest and go back to paying the new DSTV packages. Are Nigerians not awesome?
Da’ Jamal.
At every January 1st of new year, DSTV would pick 17 movies and started showing it randomly till December 31st, if you like cry blood, their limitation is 17 and they won’t go beyond that until another January 1st. God knows they still have their customer base cos of football.
ìgbàlódé Architect
Na to go back to dey watch ball for lounge and football viewing centre now! 100 per match is 140games over 4weeks I doubt if I watch such amount of games in a mouth


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