[People Profile] All We Know About Meredith Duxbury biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Meredith Duxbury biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Meredith Duxbury, an American beauty and fashion blogger, has gained fame through TikTok. Her makeup videos and skincare videos are her most popular content. She has more than 15,000,000 fans and received over 500 million likes via her TikTok official account.

Meredith Duxbury

Her “meredithduxbury” account has over 1.1 million followers. There are many fan channels and Instagram accounts that she is devoted to. Duxbury also runs a Youtube channel, Meredith Duxbury. She posts makeup videos and vlogs to over 384k subscribers.

Personal Information

Profiling Meredith Duxbury

A Quick Glance Meredith Duxbury
Full NamesMeredith Duxbury
Place of birthUSA
Date Of BirthJanuary 21, 1999
State of OriginAmerican
Tiktok15.6 Million Followers
Instagram 1.1 Million Followers
YouTube384k subscribers
Spouse/PartnerCole Labrant
Net Worth$1 Million


In March 2020, Meredith Duxbury made her debut on TikTok. Her first posts were makeup videos and content related to skincare. These quickly went viral. She quickly became a popular content creator on the platform. Duxbury is one of the most loved TikTok beauty and fashion stars, with millions of followers. Due to her lifestyle and makeup photos, Duxbury has become a well-known Instagram icon.

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Meredith Duxbury started her Youtube channel, self-titled, in June 2011. She only started posting videos in 2020. Her first video, “FIRST VLOG!” was posted in late 2020. Her Youtube audience is entertained by vlogs and makeup videos as well as POV content. Her most-watched video is “Meredith Duxbury Makeup Review.” There are also many fan channels that post compilations from her most popular TikTok videos.

Duxbury posts current dance videos, lip syncs to popular songs, voice-overs and makeup tutorials on her TikTok account. Her Instagram content consists mainly of eye-catching photos and short make-up or skincare reel videos. She uploads mainly tutorials and makeup videos to her YouTube channel. However, she also has long-form vlogs where she takes viewers through her day, work and personal life. She has already uploaded more than 100 videos to her YouTube channel.

Meredith Duxbury

Duxbury’s over-the-top foundation trend became viral on Tiktok March 2021. It was met with criticism by beauty professionals across the industry, including Jones Road founder and legendary makeup artist Bobbi brown, who responded with a video. Bobbi applies the foundation exactly like Meredith. “So, I love learning new makeup techniques. Today was a great day. It’s not going to work, but I’m going to try. Bobbi stated, “Hmmm… didn’t really work.” Duxbury was the subject of many negative comments in the comment section. One person commented, “This is hilarious and justifiable.” Another wrote: “If Bobbi brown dragged me like that, I would literally never be able to show my face again.” Duxbury has not yet responded to this criticism.

Meredith spoke to Business Insider about her unconventional approach to applying cosmetics. She said that she was a college student who had no money and the sponge absorbed all my foundation. Because I have freckles, it takes me more foundation to cover up everything. I used a foundation that cost $50 and was shocked to find out that the beauty sponge was absorbing all my foundation. I decided to use my hands instead. “And I love that the warmth of your hands blends everything so nicely and smoothly.”

Net Worth

Duxbury’s networth is estimated at $1 million. Her social media presence, as a content creator and in brand collaborations, accounts for most of her earnings.

The creator of TikTok could earn up to $10k per post, which does not include brand-sponsored deals. For a brand sponsored post, she could make upwards of $4k on Instagram. Her average YouTube earnings are approximately $2k per video. This excludes brand-sponsored deals for which she could charge up to $5k per video. Her total earnings from YouTube are $340k.

Meredith has had many brand collaborations over her career. One of her most memorable sponsored collaborations was with Morphe, where she was the face of their cosmetics “Morphe making you blush” line. She has also been featured in Allure and other fashion and beauty magazines. Her association with beauty and fashion brands such as Balmain, Charlotte Tilbury and Revolve, among others, is not unknown. We don’t know how much she earned from sponsored collaborations, but it is likely that she makes a lot from these relationships.

Social Media

Duxbury’s dominance is evident on social media with more than 15.6 million TikTok users, while she has over 1.1million followers on Instagram and 384k subscribers on YouTube.

Personal Life

Meredith Duxbury was conceived in unspecified location in England on January 21, 1999. She currently resides in New York City, USA. We don’t know anything about her family, including background and education.

Duxbury loves to travel and posts pictures of her adventures on Instagram. BTS, NFT event, & more…” where she shared her regular daily life and some behind the scenes footage of her TikTok videos.

Meredith Duxbury

Sometimes, she has been criticised for using too many foundations. Duxbury responded that any foundation can make anyone look beautiful, regardless of how much they use. She believes that everyone can apply makeup however they like. A full foundation is what she prefers to achieve the look that she wants. Duxbury is currently dating Brandon Remer, a fellow influencer. Brandon was featured in Duxbury’s videos, and she has shared photos on Instagram with him.

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Glossy interviewed Duxbury about her childhood and how she followed beauty creators such as Jacqueline Hill. She then decided to create her own content for social media. Duxbury stated in an interview that she started TikTok. I used to stack cardboard boxes and create a random tripod from whatever I could find. Then I began doing before-and after transitions. When I began rap lip-syncing to Nicki Minaj’s “I’m Legit” song, my videos started to take off. And I created a trend called #thefoundationchallenge where I would smear foundation all over my face. This video would be viewed hundreds of millions of times. I made three videos per day during quarantine, and learned so much about this industry. However, 2019 is when I first immersed myself into the beauty industry. TikTok’s algorithm shows that you can grow if you are consistent.

Top Videos

These are some of Duxbury’s most-watched videos.

Duxbury’s popular TikTok beauty video has over 1.2 Million views.

Duxbury’s TikTok beauty video has over 6.4 Million views.

This is one of Duxbury’s most loved TikToks, with more than 19 million views.

Duxbury’s TikTok video has over 9.7 Million views.

Another makeup tutorial from Duxbury, with more than 7.2 million views.


Q. Q.

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A. Meredith Duxbury, an American fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger on social media, is also a model and content creator who gained fame through the video-sharing platform TikTok. Her makeup videos and skincare videos are her most popular content. She has more than 15,000,000 fans and received over 500 million likes via her TikTok official account.

Meredith Duxbury

Q. Meredith Duxbury and Bobbi brown controversy

A. Duxbury’s over-use of foundation went viral and was criticized by beauty professionals across the industry. Bobbi Brown, however, responded with a video of her own. Bobbi uses the foundation in the same way as Meredith. Bobbi stated, “Hm… didn’t really work.”

Q. Q.

A. Meredith Duxbury, who was born January 21, 1999, is currently 23 years old.

Q. Q.

A. Meredith Duxbury currently has a relationship to Brandon Remer.

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