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Still On planet Bantheft, Josh and Tasha’s search for Dr Joram’s daughters leads them to a man named E’festus Bellringer. But despite trying to stay undercover, E’festus uncovers Tasha’s real identity. Luckily Josh arrived on time to save her. But how E’festus found out remains a mystery.

Meanwhile Celine and Silas have been given a mission to another planet.. A planet called Nobtrix. Their mission is vital to defeating Herren Des Kosmos. But what the mission itself entails and how smoothly will it go is yet to be seen.

Note: for those who are wondering. This symbol: “________” denotes a transition from one location in the story to another.

“The Guardian” is a pure work of fiction and MY CREATION. But, I don’t take credit for the creation of the images displayed. I only manipulate them to serve my purposes and aid the readers imagination. Will continue doing so till I partner with a real artist.

Enjoy reading 🙂

“Your cowardly act has sealed your fate. Henceforth, you will stay banished in the darkest pits of damnation!”

» Chapter 11: Tartarus Pit «

“Uh uhnn,”

Moaned Tasha as she found herself stretching across the bed in the hotel room they had rented without having any memory of how she got back there.

“Hehe finally awake I see,” Josh’s voice came from across the room. He flaunted a smile but his eyes were firmly glued to the laptop positioned in front of him.

“Josh, what happened last night? E’festus found out I was a SIFT Agent and tried to kill me……. Everything went blank after that,” Tasha said with a sleepy slur.

“Oh you still don’t remember. You were drugged. I was just in time to save you,” Josh told her.

“Oh my head hurts,” Tasha moaned further as she placed her hand on her forehead and stretched some more.

“Hey! How did I get into this?” Tasha questioned with an eyebrow raised as she noticed she was wearing a purple nightgown.

“Well you should’ve seen yourself last night. E’festus must have slipped a very powerful aphrodisiac in your drink ’cause you were acting so….”

Josh paused a bit before completing.

“. . Horny.”

“We were hunted by E’festus’s men. I had to throw you into a swimming pool at some point,” Josh related further.

“You did what?!” Tasha screamed in shock. “And here I thought you were a gentleman. You couldn’t resist seeing my hot naked body huh?” Tasha shook her head in disappointment.

“Jeez! Tasha I had to get our pursuers off our backs. I couldn’t do that with you hanging over my shoulder now could I?” Josh said in defense.

“But throwing me into a swimming pool? C’mon!” Tasha Insisted.

“Hey FYI, bathing in cold water curbs the effects of an aphrodisiac. Your clothes were so wet, so I changed your clothes so you wouldn’t catch a cold. By the way, you really should get yourself some decent clothes. Jeez! You should be thanking me,” Josh sighed disappointedly but without a hint of malice.

“Hmph so uhm did we do it?” Tasha asked.

“Do what?” Josh asked, an eyebrow raised.

“You know what I mean. Did we get it on last night?” Tasha asked with a sly smile on her face.

“Gosh! Tasha! God no!”

‘ ‘What? You mean we didn’t do it? why?’ ‘Tasha asked, shocked by Josh’s reply.

“Tasha are you still high? How can you expect ‘us’ to do such a thing? How can you expect ‘me’ to do such a thing?” Josh asked incredibly bemused.

“Josh I can’t believe you couldn’t bring yourself to fuck me, especially when I was begging for it! Jeez what a gentleman,” Tasha said sarcastically, rolling her eyes in disappointment.

“Hey watch your language. Don’t say those kinda dirty words,” Josh shook his head in disbelief. “You were under the influence of a drug. There’s no way in hell I’ld take advantage of you,” Josh stated with a stern voice.

“Whatever!” Tasha retorted, rolling her eyes some more. “So what are you working on?” She asked as she lazily got out of bed.

“Just decrypting the data you retrieved from E’festus’ electronic Notepad,” Josh responded, tapping a few keys on the keyboard as he spoke.

“Oh So you noticed?” Tasha stared at him impressed.

“Huh wasn’t that the plan? I saw everything you did on that dance floor. You hands moved quickly into his jacket. E’festus had no clue, he didn’t suspect a thing,” Josh smirked. “Anyways you were right,” Josh added.

‘About what?’

“About E’festus being involved in Dr Joram’s twin daughters kidnapping. Hmm interesting! He got tipped by an anonymous source,” Josh replied, pointing to the screen.

“Heh? So that dirt bag was a dirt bag after all,” Tasha said as she bowed her head down towards the screen not wasting any opportunity to flaunt her glorious cleavage up close beside Josh’s head.

“Erm Tasha go put on something decent,” Josh said in a shaky voice resisting every urge to sway his eyes towards the huge mounts jingling closely beside his face.

“Oh? But didn’t you just say I have no decent clothes?” Tasha smiled wickedly as she whispered those words into his ear.

“Gosh you’re such a tease,” Josh said nodding his head.

“Hehehe am I now? Heheh I bet you love it. Deny it,” Tasha dared.

“Hey i think I’ve found a location where the girls might be. It’s in a place located deep into the planet’s Northern hemisphere,” Josh suddenly spoke out, desperate to change the conversation.

“Hmm I know this place,” Tasha said before heaving a sigh of frustration.

“We can’t waste anymore time! We’ve gotta go now! E’festus already knows SIFT is involved. So he’s gon try to cover his tracks,” Josh pointed out.

“Yeah, let’s go!” Tasha said in agreement. “But you’re not yet dre…” Josh paused when he turned back only to find out that Tasha was already dressed and suited up. How she’s able to dress up so fast, he’d never know.

As they were about to leave, Josh’s communication device began to beep. It was Mrs Joram!

“Help! My husband! They are going to…!”

Were the only words that muzzled out before the transmission was lost.

“E’festus is making his move!!” Josh alerted Tasha.

In a need to spare no time. Tasha decided to go alone to the Northern hemisphere to investigate the location they discovered While, Josh handled the case with Dr Joram.

“Just hang on Mr and Mrs Joram. I’m on my way,” Josh said to himself as he began to race towards the Doctor’s residence at an incredibly blinding speed.

“I just hope I’m not too late!”


Meanwhile, on the other side of the galaxy, Celine and Silas continue to make their way to Nobtrix.

“You didn’t tell him,” Silas finally spoke breaking the silence.

“Who? What?” Celine asked confused.

“I meant you didn’t tell Josh about ‘us’. Why?” Silas asked.

“Huh? Where did that come from?” Celine replied with a question.

“Hmm you’ve been ignoring me ever since Josh returned. It’s like you still care about him. You’re no longer affectionate towards me,” Silas said.

“Silas I care about you but Josh is my friend, we’ve been very close even before I met you. I will ALWAYS care about him. You don’t have to feel insecure,” Celine said as she navigated their ship passed a huge asteroid.

“Look I’m not being paranoid. I know you. I see how you look at him. You always smile when he’s in the room,” Silas insisted. ”

Look! What do you want from me? You want me to be sad?” Celine said, growing impatient.

“No I don’t mean it like that. I’m just saying if you don’t want me anymore. Just say it now. Put me out of my misery! Where was he all those three years when you were alone?! Yeah that’s right! He abandoned you! I was there for you. I was on my own when you told me you loved me! I was on my own when you made those promises. But it seems like you forgot all about them when Josh returned to SIFT! A straight rejection is better than false promises!!” Silas said in frustration. There was sadness in his eyes. Celine could see it. And what’s more? she could see the truth in his words.

“I didn’t mean to keep us a secret from Josh. I care about you so much. You helped me get through Bryan’s death. I promise I’ll tell Josh myself when I see him.” Celine assured him.

Their journey to Nobtrix was marked by silence. Both didn’t say a word till they got to their destination.

“Whoa! It’s not how I imagined it,” Silas said eventually as their ship flew towards the metallic ball-like planet.

“Well It is what it is,” Celine said as she navigated their ship into the planet’s atmosphere.

Their Journey had taken longer than expected as they had had to travel through a long and untraceable route in an attempt to stay under the radar.

Landing the ship safely in front of a massive tower, Celine and Silas were greeted by a very pretty young woman.

“Hi I am Jerhnie Greymatter, you must be Celine and Silas. My Father has been expecting you,” she informed them.

The young lady led them into the building and unto the seven hundredth floor (700th) of the tower. “He is in his study, he awaits you,” she said, pointing towards a door as They left the elevator.

“Heheh who would’ve thought that crazy scientist would have such a pretty daughter?” Celine remarked as they walked towards the Scientist’s study. “Yeah who would’ve thought it?” Silas agreed, making Celine look at him with an eyebrow raised. “What?” Silas asked. “I knew you were checking her out. I saw how your eyes scanned her ass. You pervert!” Celine said nodding her head.

“Eh? I wasn’t really…”

‘Oh don’t deny it boy,” Celine cut him off before he had a chance to defend himself.

“Well you know I only have eyes for you,” Silas said eventually. Celine just smiled at his statement as they made their way towards the study.

“Doctor Greymatter?” Celine said as she slowly opened the door.

“Come in! I have been expeczing you two” a man wearing a pair of spectacles spoke out.

“I zee the boy iz not come with you,” he spoke further. “Oh you mean Josh? He’s on another mission.” “I zee you have gothin even more beautiful Celine,” Dr Greymatter remarked. “And I see you still speak bad english,” Celine winked at him.

“Hahahahah Take your zit!” The scientist gestured.

“Doctor Greymatter it’s a pleasure to meet you,” Silas shook hands with him before taking his sit.

“This is my partner Silas Morpheous,” Celine told the scientist.

“Ah yes! I have heard of your kind. You are givted with great adapftability,” Dr Greymatter remarked.

“It’s ‘adaptability’ jeez!” Celine corrected the scientist.

“Hahahah Celine I am not so gooth at speaking ze languages of you humans speak,” Dr Greymatter laughed.

“Anyways what we came for is extremely important. You heard the news right?” Celine spoke with a tone of seriousness.

“Yez, Herren Des Kosmos have begun to moof” the Scientist said in affirmation.

“It’s ‘move’ not ‘moof’. … anyways let’s forget that,” Celine said impatiently.

“Herren Des Kosmos have begun collecting the Celestial Orbs and destroying Celestial planets in the process. They have four already, just three left. These people are overwhelmingly strong. I’m afraid SIFT may not be able to protect the remaining three Celestial planets. That’s why we come to you for help and guidance,” Celine said further.

“I know why you have come. I have already stasted to create a zolution to your problem: A *tranz-dimenzional module*.” The Scientist said calmly.

“What does it do?” Silas asked.

“It will enavle ZIFT to remove the Celestial Orbz from the planets without destroying them,” Dr Greymatter answered.

“Wow! That way we will be able to kill two birds with one stone! Prevent Herren Des Kosmos from getting them and protect the Celestial planets at the same time,” Celine said astonished.

“Have you finished creating them?” Silas asked.

“Not yet. But I am through verifying the principles of ze dimensional dynamicz,” the Scientist replied.

“Whatever that means. Just please hurry up! We need you!” Celine implored.

“I will do my best. But beware! Lest Herren Des Kosmos get all seven Celestial Orbs!” Dr Greymatter warned. “What? What do you mean?” Silas asked. “While I work on finishing the tranz-dimenzional module. You must make sure vat Herren Des Kosmos do not lay their hands on ze remaining three. For if they do, then this universe as you know it will end!” The scientist spoke with all seriousness.

“What do you mean Doc’?” Silas asked.

“There is a legend, a legend as old as the universe itself. The legend of the Tartarus pit,” Greymatter said.

“I’ve heard about that story. My parents used to tell us when I was a kid. I thought it was just a ghost story.” Silas said.

“It is no ghost story! It is vor real!” Greymatter said.

“Tell us about this Tartarus pit Doc’,” Celine requested.

“Very well,” the scientist began. “The legend of the Tartarus pit and the Celestial Orbs are connected for it says that who so ever acquires ze zeven powers of ze Celestial Orbs will be able to unseal ze Tartarus pit filled with ze souls of ten thousand (10000) demons, gaining an unbelievable power . But whoever does that will only end up unleashing an unspeakable evil to ze universe.” Dr Greymatter related.

“My word!” Celine exclaimed in shock.

“So you zee, Herren Des Kosmos muzt be ztopped at all cost or everyone will die.”


`The plans of Herren Des Kosmos are gradually being revealed.

`but an even greater danger looms.

`will they be stopped?

`will Dr Greymatter finish his invention on time?

Stay glued to MADSTREETZ to find out!


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